Will gambling kill me

Re: Gambling is killing me

by addict_gambling » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:01 am

I too am a compulsive gambler. An addict in the worst sense of the word.

I am in finacial ruin as well. Keep chasing. Thinking it's going to turn around. Keep thinking I am smarter than chance. today is my lucky day.

Poker, blackjack, sports bets, scratchers, slots, video poker, horses, and on and on. I have gambled on it all.

I can't remember winning. Only that feeling of being sick after I have lost another huge chuck of my bank account. Credit card debt up to my eye balls.

Lost years of time to gambling. Thought about suicide. Worst thing is, I have known I have had a problem for years.

I don't know why I do it or why I haven't been able to stop. even with GA and therapy.

Tonight, after losing another chunk of cash I started prepping for tomorrows bets. Then I realized....

It just needs to stop. Right now. No more for me. I clicked off the gambling site I was on and started searching for help. After a few hours I found your post.

It spoke to me. I had to reply. Let you know that there is someone else out there struggling. Ready to make the choice. move forward.

I say this to you. I'm letting go of the money. It's gone. It's not coming back.If I were to win it back it would just push me to gamble more. Thinking I'm going to win more. I'm not. This only ends one way for me. Losing more of my life to gambling.

The money will fix itself if I stop. It's not going to happen overnight, but if I put the kind of energy into making money that I did into gambling it then it will slowly turn around. Might just get a second job to keep me away from the casino.

Second, I'm going to ask a good friend to help me. Just to be someone I can call when I fell myself wanting to gamble. talk me off the cliff.

Third, I need to focus my life on something positive. Working out, writing, biking, cooking, etc. As long as it isn't gambling. That's all that matters.

Last, I'm going to start coming on here every night. Reading other peoples posts. Writing my own. Help keep me focused on my goal.

I hope this helps. I apologize about the length of the post. I feel your pain. Wish you the best.

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