Will chatbots go bust and lose traction


An increasing number of digital devices can be activated and controlled by gestures, touch, and voice. But consumers prefer voice control to any other type interaction with these devices.

Given the relatively low price point for many voice-enabled digital assistants, companies leading the charge with AI-dependent devices and services may risk alienating consumers with products not ready for widespread usage. It can lead to delayed adoption or potential loss of customers to a more capable competitor.

In long term many brands will benefit from having some or all of their core digital services available over voice interfaces and that the recent proliferation of the technology has created opportunities in the short and medium terms as well. There’s no clear voice-platform winner yet, but Google’s gaining steam quickly. All the researches claim thats China’s a big growth area.

Voicebots real-life features:

•Reduced operational costs.
Immediate customer interaction with 24/7 availability.

•Highly personalized offers and communication.

•Automation of the entire e-commerce customer lifecycle.

•Instant resolution to customer issues.

•Improved customer experience and satisfaction.

•Improved handling capacity & automation of featured e-commerce services.

Voicebots future trends:

•Interactive voice for business.

•Interactive voice experience creating new retail experiences.

•The future of brands in an interactive voice world.

Ideally, brands should start devising an overall voicebots strategy for the long term. It should encompass which services might best be offered and how they may interact with customer services, CRM, social and advertising functions as well as a roadmap to measure progress.

Consumers are ready for new types of interactions with digital devices beyond touchscreens — especially voice control. Conversational user interfaces are shown as one of the top technologies in terms of growth in the recent years. And it promises to continue evolving given the great technological giants are investing in its development. To acquire real competitive advantage, connected speakers will have to go further than just a wide choice of functions by providing the most personalized user experience possible.