Why does marijuana make food taste better

Well we all know that marijuana causes munchies, but in addition to making you hungry, it also makes food taste better, and sex feels better. What is the actual process that causes this? I've googled and researched and found nothing about this. Anybody know what is going on in the body that causes these types of feelings?

For example, I'm eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right now, and I haven't smoked any marijuana yet today. I was just thinking to myself "this doesn't taste nearly as good as last time I had one". It just seems to make food much more enjoyable, not just because you are hungry and quenching that thirst, but the actual taste of it is magnified for some reason.


p.s. I've seen marijuana questions on here before, and I've seen the usual ignorant people who try to lecture. Save yourself the time and please don't lecture me. I'm 27 years old, I've been smoking it most of my life, it doesn't cause cancer (that's been proven by the country's top cancer researcher Donald Tashkin), I have an IQ of 131 which was determined a month ago, and I'm very successful, so save yourself the time and don't lecture me please. I'm an adult.