Why does everyone decorate differently

“Why older couples don’t decorate for Christmas?” Yes, I put that question in the search box. When my four children were still at home, there was “Christmas” in every nook and cranny, and traditions, (I thought). Well . . . as they moved from home, married, they of course began their own “Christmas”, with their own traditions, which is the way it should be. Now, mind you, I don’t mean for this to be a “woe is me” comment, but I don’t know what has happened, and is it just my family? Yes, we are a blended family so to speak, but my children are the only of all children who are in contact, as they so chose. Yes, my children are a bit “grudge-ful” 21 years with their stepdad due to things, that I guess I didn’t see or don’t remember except for cross words, which happen in most all families. Well, to get down to basics, 3 of the families out of the four, do keep in contact with us. The fourth one visits from afar, staying at one of the siblings home that lives 15m away), therefore, those two precious grand daughters(ages 4 and 6yrs) have only had maybe 3 or 4 times that they might remember being in our home, if they even remember, since so young. Sorry this is going deeper than my original question, but perhaps there are more answers out there other than to the original question. Yes the other 3 children live scattered out, one 10 hrs, another 5hrs and the next 3hrs. A good holiday setup has been created, with Thanksgiving & Christmas every other year. It was actually Thanksgiving for this year. To continue, the son & family who live about 15 miles from us do bring the grand children to visit, if the daughter-in-law needs me to watch them if she goes to the gym and run errands for an hour and a half or two hours when her mom(lives 4 doors down) isn’t available or going with her. My son comes by maybe once every couple of months if he’s in town and happens to think about stopping. I do understand since he is on the highway at least 2 hours daily, to and from his work place. Hope not to sound like making excuses for him because he’s on the road and makes a good living for his family so they can do all the neat and nifty things people do with their kiddoes nowadays. I mentioned during Thanksgiving week end that perhaps those 3 grand children could come and help me with our Christmas tree, even mentioning a day. I suppose things got really busy that week and didn’t hear from anyone so I made the call on Sat. evening to maybe check on a time to get together and time for the school program(she didn’t remember & would look & email me), but they were on the way out the door for an adult Christmas party. I would have been glad to watch the children and would have been a great time to decorate, put up the tree, but I guess other arrangements had already be made. Well as you see, to put it in “text lango”, “Ijdk”( I just don’t know.). Now its Sunday night, and another busy week(not really for us). Are there other, notice what I say, “OLDER couples”, not “OLD couples” that go through the same thing? I know that we always made sure to take our kiddoes to the grand parents at least one time, if not more, every week, just to “hang out” and play, make memories. This all being said, is there any reason for us to even have a Christmas tree? I don’t know what happened with our gift-giving, as that disappeared about 8yrs ago, when we had a hard time but we still gave the grand children gifts. Now only one of my children buys anything for us, and we have to all but beg those near to come and pick up their gifts(one year, it was after New Years). I do try to set a convenient time for my children close to come and have a meal and exchange gifts, with a few times of “no show”, even after reminder calls. My husband & I don’t do gifts, so to have more for the kiddoes, so most years, there is no gifts at all for either of us(almost didn’t put this is because I didn’t want ‘sympathy’ type thing). I’m sure by this time, you’re wondering “What the heck is going on with this family?” Yes, I have been for years and even subtlely asked a few times, to no avail. The children just avoided the question by changing the subject. I just feel I’m getting older, having more health issues and not have been and had opportunities that I made sure I afforded my parents and grandparents and even great-grandparents, when they were here. Has any “older couple” gone through this? And . . . back to the main question, “Should I still decorate and put up the Christmas tree for just me and my husband, and whomever might happen to stop by?” I know this blog/post has been ongoing for a couple of years, but maybe someone might see this and put a reply. Thank you so much for your time. Merry Christmas and May God Bless You All!