Why do people believe in dictatorship

The country is obviously not under single (Republican) party rule. Plenty of opposition around--heck, Democrats will have a strong hold on the House and Senate come January! And how did that happen? Uhhh, VOTING... We haven't been denied the right to vote. Oh, and then Bush? After two more years, he's not sticking around as Commander in Chief... Don't dictators have such a power trip, they plan to stay in command until their dying day, which they don't think will come until they're 75 or something? So, when Bush gets off the train, how are we going to choose our next President? Voting! And heck, it'll probably be a Democrat if this recent election says anything--especially since the party isn't being 'eliminated.'

So... Anybody think my observation is crap and tell me why Bush is a dictator?

No name-calling on the Republican or the Democrat Parties, please. That is, unless you want to make your comment look unintelligent. ;)