Why cant anyone see my questions

We recently received a question from Liana Clark of Eclectic Journey Photography regarding her Facebook fan page.


“Even though my Facebook fan page settings allow anyone to post statuses and photos to my page, some of my ‘fans’ are able to post but others cannot. Do you have any idea why certain people can and others cannot post?”

With the help of her Facebook fans, Liana solved the problem before we had a chance to dig into this issue. Liana agreed to let us share her discovery with you since you may be having the same problem.


“When I asked my fans to attempt to post to the page timeline, half could and half couldn’t. Yet one friend tried both on her mobile device and her laptop. The laptop worked and mobile didn’t! I then asked all the folks who couldn’t add a status whether they were on a computer or mobile device and you guessed it…all were on mobile devices!”

Great discovery, Liana! You’ve surely saved more than one page administrator the headache of trying to figure this out.

Check Your Settings

If your Facebook fans let you know that they can’t post to your page’s timeline, do what Liana did and first make sure your settings allow anyone to post. (See this tutorial from the Facebook Help Center.)

Once you’ve checked the page’s settings, suggest to the users who are having trouble posting that they post from a desktop version of Facebook rather than a mobile version.

We’ve noticed that the mobile version of Facebook tends to have less functionality than the desktop version. Facebook mobile sure is convenient, but sometimes it’s not a substitute for the full-fledged version. We hope Facebook will add this functionality soon their mobile version.

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