Why are there so many ammo calibers

i asked a similar question about 7 years ago on here. and was endlessly berated.

now, why?

different ammo weights going at different speeds generate different energies. different energies are used for different applications. for example. could you use a round that generated 1500 foot pounds of energy on a rabbit? i mean..you could. but there likely wont be anything left.

could you use a round that generated 70 foot pounds of energy on a hippo?

again, you could... but youll live a really short life after that.

then theres other things besides hunting. take for example, people who dont want to deal with recoil impulses will likely choose a double stack full sized 9mm while people who dont care about that would choose a revolver.

the heavier the bullet, and lighter gun, makes recoil harder. different calibers, have different weight ranges, that go into certain guns, that can handle certain powder amount and boom.

thats why you have many different calibers.