Why are Portuguese people darker than Spaniards

Portuguese people are white/Caucasian, but the average Portuguese is more like an average Spanish unlike Germans/Swedes who are typically lighter.

The Caucasian native lands are Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East and it even extends to include the indo-Aryans of India. The lightest of Caucasians are Scandinavians, the least are South Indians (on an average basis). But anyway, when it comes to the Mediterranean area there are people who are tanned and people who are white as Swedes. So it's very common to be Portuguese or Spanish and be very pale white. And it is not uncommon to be Middle Eastern and pale light white too. There are also people with different colours of eyes and hair everywhere were Caucasians are present but they tend to predominate as you go North. So when you're in Finland about 90% of the population are blonde. when you go to Lebanon about 15% are and so on.....................

Christiano Rinaldo is Portuguese, he is Caucasian/white in race but he's tanned so some stupid people would assume he isn't white since they don't know what's white from the first place!