Why are modern film scores so bad

"Most film music written today is terrible, with few scores lingering in the memory like the underwater menace of Jaws or the whimsical Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, top composers have told The Times.

Hans Zimmer, who wrote the music for the Hollywood box-office hits Gladiator and The Lion King, dismissed the majority of contemporary screen compositions as unmemorable. “They drift around like cows grazing. So many scores sound like nobody really thought about them.”

Apart from the fact he's basically saying 'It was better in the old days', which you could feasibly say about eveything ever, this is nonsense right?

Off the top of my head i can think of Danny Elfman (Tim Burton stuff), John Murphy (28 weeks later, sunshine)... then the top of my head fails me.

But I really enjoyed recent move in modern soundtracks like there will be blood and michael clayton, for all that discordant, creepily ambient noise. Can we get over Jaws already?