Why are Israeli men so hot

You girls/guys are judging a whole nation based on what you know and what you saw.

And for that girl who said Israelies have pale skin,it's not true!!

Actually most Israelies are tanned and have dark skin.

There are also arabs,druzs,christians,and beduim,not only jews!

Lots of Israelies are descendants of Moroccans,Yemenites,Tunisians etc...you know the countries were most people are dark-skinned :)


-Why are Israeli boys so hot?

Not everyone...but I guess you can say that most of the Israelis are "kinky" and "stylists" yeah..you can definately say that! I have friends that only dress in brands and buy the most expensive nike shoes..and wear a bunch of american brands, that may not be considered so "cool" back in the states,but whatever, I just guess that's the reason...

Israeli boys like and do everything to look "hot"..

Source(s): I'm from Israel,and this is true tyvm :D Have a great week.