Where can I run a PHP code

Yes, you can run PHP in an HTML page.

I have successfully executed PHP code in my HTML files for many years. (For the curious, this is because I have over 8,000 static HTML files created by me and others over the last 20 years and I didn't want to lose search engine ranking by changing them and, more importantly, I have too many other things to work on).

I am not an expert -- below is what I've tried and what works for me. Please don't ask me to explain it.

Everything below involves adding a line or two to your .htaccess file.

Here is what one host ( http://simolyhosting.net ) support did for me in 2008 -- but it no longer works for me now.

That solution appears to be deprecated now, though it might work for you.

Here's what's working for me now:

(This page has PHP code that executes properly with the above solution -- http://mykindred.com/bumstead/steeplehistory.htm )

Below are other solutions I found -- they are NOT MINE:


I'm seeing this across many servers I've recently upgraded to EA4. Using cPanel Apache handlers or adding this directly in to .htaccess (same as cPanel does through gui add handlers):

Sep 9, 2016


Open a text editor such as wordpad, notepad, nano, etc. and add the following line:

If you want to use PHP 5.4 instead of PHP 5.2 then use the following line instead:


To run HTML using FastCGI/PHP, try adding this code to the .htaccess file for the directory the script is in:

You can add additional lines for other file extensions if needed.

answered Sep 22 '16 at 17:44


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