Whats your favorite beer currently

Guinness stout is probably my favorite<but its way to expensive to drink all the time I love the darker beers,but I don't drink them all the time,can't afford to,after that it use to be regular Coors it has a really good flavor ,The problem with it I drink to much of it and it gives me a hell of a hangover,It is a premium beer though,the lights are ok if its an all day type activity like working on the lawn and grilling,because you can drink quite a bit all day and not get to drunk,but as a beer the taste really our not fullfilling enough to actually satisfy.As far as budweiser goes its over rated when it first came out it came out as a cheaper type generic beer,but now for some reason budweiser convinced the world that its a great beer through advertising,and making it seem popular to everyone you are paying a hefty price to drink basically a generic beer,besides that the miller lites and the budlites and the coors lites are all over rated ,and we are paying way to much for these beers.