Whats your ancestors profession

I honestly don't know. Frankly, it has always been my UPG that the gods will call whom they will. I know Heathens who have no evidence of ancestral connection, yet they are called. Who am I to question it? Not all who battle go to Valhal, either. Odin and Freya will choose whom they will. So who can say? I know we Heathens honor ALL who risk their lives for others. As I understand the evidence, Valhal is mainly there because the ancestors placed great importance on the gravemound, and many lost in battle were never brought home. There had to be a place for them. Same with Ran and those lost at sea. The ancestors (as I understand it) didn't tend to see the dead as separate from their bodies. And they had to honor their dead with gifts to gain their luck. If the body never came home, the luck was lost, and what could become of their dead kin? So there had to be a place for them other than the gravemound. Not all Heathens agree with this interpretation, but it is what makes sense to me.