What ruined your life financially

i have been there my friend,i was evicted,my children was seperated from me for nearly two years.to past this dark time in my life,after work,my husband and i spent night,after night in the movies for this period of time,not because we wanted to,but because we were avoiding to go early to the place we were stopping.how i over came this,was because of my faith in the LORD.he renew my mind,made me stronger mentally.and i started to take one day at a time.i made certain my kids had food everyday and i paid off my credit,one at a time by the grace of the MOST HIGH GOD.start off by talking to all those people that you owe money to.visit them in person,and take it one day at a time.life sometimes throws you these curved balls sometimes,if you think your situation is bad,just look over your shoulders,there are people suffering more.goodluck.ps,throw away those negative thoughts.keep talking to your son,don't leave him out.

Source(s): be a man,don't run,face it.i know you are gonna make the right choice.start praying,this always works.i will be praying for you.