What race do biracial people fall under

I dont wanna fall into saying you look hispanic.

when it comes to races, we hispanics are doomed not to make up our minds.

Since our countries didnt show too much racism as the US back then, when the spanish conquistadors came to the Americas, we really got mixed.

So there, the spanish are really mixed. Spain(during medieval times) used to be populated by Middle East people, then the white came, then they discovered the americas. Then lots and lots of europeans from different countries came to live in the americas. Plus the natives already living there.

So, thats actually all the races that you are most likely to have in your blood, like many other hispanic people.

That's why this comes up: If hispanic isnt a race, Why do we look alike?

Now, I really dont know what to tell you about your race. You do have that dominican look. The other day, my teacher made all the hispanic students mark WHITE(except for the black hispanics).

Source(s): school...i know right? a lot of info