What magic trick secrets do you know

Rick Lax here. Ignore the star rating. Also, you can ignore 2/3 of this 'review.'

It’s actually 3 messages in 1, and, yeah, you only have to read one of the three parts.

The first part is meant for BEGINNER magicians, the second part is meant for ADVANCED magicians, the third part is meant for PROFESSIONAL magicians.

If you want to save time, only read the part that applies to you.


Let me try a little mind reading: I predict…


2) You’ve already spent some serious time on YouTube watching magic tutorials. Some of them were good, most of them were bad…and ALL OF THEM LEFT YOU WANTING MORE.

You want to learn better tricks. You want to perform magic like DAVID BLAINE and CRISS ANGEL…but all the ‘tutorial’ videos you watched didn’t teach you how.

Here’s a secret: A lot of the guys who expose magic secrets on YouTube are terrible. Just terrible. They expose the wrong tricks and they do a bad job of it.

And sadly, if you learn the wrong tricks the wrong way, and then you go out to perform them…you’re not going to fool anyone. If you really want to BLOW PEOPLE’S MINDS OUT OF THEIR FACES, you can’t just learn ONE little magic ‘secret’; you have to learn a BUNCH OF SECRETS that you’ll use EVERY TIME you perform. In other words, you don’t just need to know the tricks; YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO BE A MAGICIAN.

Good news:

1) I’m going to teach you 10 incredible tricks—including the ones I already mentioned: How to MOVE OBJECTS WITH YOUR MIND, how to FORM PSYCHIC CONNECTIONS WITH TOTAL STRANGERS, and how to PUSH SOLID OBJECTS THROUGH TABLES.

2) I’m going to teach you THE RIGHT WAY to perform these tricks. In other words, I’m going to teach you HOW TO BE A MAGICIAN.


You probably already know half the tricks on this video.

But…do you REALLY know them?

Here’s why I ask…

I REGULARLY perform a LOT of these tricks. Yes, I’m familiar with all the ‘latest & greatest’ releases. And like you, I’ve got drawers full of $50 gimmicks. And yet…I keep going back to the tricks on THIS video. I keep performing them.

If YOU aren’t performing them, I suspect it’s because you didn’t learn them fully. You didn’t learn all the subtleties that make these tricks so powerful. I know, I know, “subtleties” aren’t the sexiest things in the world, BUT if you’re a serious student of magic, you know that SUBTLETIES make the difference between, “Cool trick, man,” and, “HOW THE F#@K DID YOU DO THAT?!”

If you disregard this video because it includes ‘beginners’…you’re making a huge mistake. I remember when Michael Ammar released his “Easy to Master Card Miracles” series…and I ALMOST dismissed it because of the word “Easy.” Ha! Thank GOD I bough it. That DVD series changed my life.

If you’re looking for a new $50 gadget that’s going to go right into the ‘magic drawer, don’t bother with this video. If you think that you’re ‘above’ these tricks, then stop reading now. BUT, if you’re willing to acknowledge that there’s always room for growth, then—magician-to-magician—I recommend you give this video a watch. It’s free and it’s packed with tips and tricks that YOU WILL USE.


I’ll be quick: This video’s got a new routine for the Center Tear that uses a 100% foolproof peak. It’s got a new presentation of the Criss-Cross Force allows you to simulate memorizing a deck of cards in 6 seconds. It’s got detailed explanations of Fizz Master (with permission from Paul Harris and Eric Mead) and the +0x1c Force—two tricks that I’ve seen pros mess up more than once. And, yeah, it’s free. You can skim past the first couple tricks.

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This is an excellent beginner’s video. However, the explanations and insight are so well done that they may persuade an experienced performer to reconsider performing these basic magic tricks.

For the novice, The Secrets of Magic introduces magic as a fun, SOCIAL activity that is worth a try - and unlike many one and done videos - Rick Lax offers variants and encourages variation, emphasizing that you don’t need the exact props and patter to present these effects. Many can be done impromptu with whatever is on hand.

For the experienced, Rick fills a nice gap by performing and teaching ten simple tricks. Most can be found in a magic book at your library (remember those?). So why get this video? For the performances and explanations.

It is a real eye opener to see a top professional performing these effects. I know the method behind several of these tricks but had to re-watch and pause the video several times to see the moves.

On top of that, Rick still performs these tricks regularly and it is obvious he truly cares about them. This is not a guy who went back to his first magic book and grabbed a bunch of tricks he last performed when he was 10 because he wanted to produce a beginner magic video. Rick teaches the whole trick inside and out – the how, why and when to do things. You may be surprised with the thinking he puts into a simple rubber band or card trick that is usually presented as an almost mechanical effect. This knowledge and approach will help improve your other performances. It’s not about memorizing and parroting, it’s about knowing and understanding.

Rick also does an excellent job of organically introducing concepts as misdirection and conditioning; and slights including the slip cut, cross-cut force and centre tear. This approach reinforces the concept that such things are integral to the flow of a trick instead of a separate item to think about – “gotta do misdirection here” or “need a get ready.”

The set list is well thought out and features a nice variety of impromptu effects – salt shaker through table, rubber bands, bills, cards and mentalism. And NO “PICK A CARD” TRICKS. It’s great to see a card section that starts with throwing the whole deck over the shoulder.

Would I add anything? I miss seeing Rick sitting in the coffee shop with his earbuds on.

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