What is your favorite purple

I was initially told that blue was a boys color, so I thought I was supposed to like blue (I'm actually a guy), and I didn't want to like red because it was supposed to be a girls color. I always stayed away from it, unless used to express something meaningful like love. My next choice was turquoise because I was told geniuses picked the color green, and because it was different with the added bonus of being blue+green. I had a brief conversation with a girl, who understood my one word answer, but never seen or spoke to again. Which intrigued me. I can't remember what her favorite color was though. After seeing the color turquoise and being displeased with it, my search for a favorite color stopped. Then I had a friend who liked orange. We were best buds for a while, so I liked orange too. The girl I liked at the time said she hated the color and my friend said he liked it because it was one of the colors of his favorite sports team (I wasn't into sports [watching]). So I abandoned it. I went to black as a choice, because of its alluring affects and stark contrast to the audacious white. White to me is alluring as well, but not as mysterious nor tolerated 'could be' subtle but capricious moods (for me). But then I thought of gray and it's meaning and liked it, but later learned (or was told) that it was a girls color (still I don't know why). I wanted to dress the color as well, as I felt more comfortable in darker clothing. So I was at a loss with gray.

One day I heard the story of purple. It was being stereotyped as a "gay" color at the time. Then still was told later that (statistically) very sociable people like the color purple. I wasn't gay nor was I an extrovert, but I liked the idea of the color and became drawn to it with passion. I'd never noticed anyone wearing the color before and it seemed as if no one really liked it. The color of complete acceptance yet formidably out-casted, and I felt I wasn't supposed to like it. But I chose it as a representation of myself for it uniqueness, expression of how I'd like to feel, and I it's deep resonating hue. Which I seemed to grow to understand more as I looked deeper and plunged further into it's darker void. I do have a bit of an astigmatism as well, so perhaps tunnel vision plays a part. But it resonates greatly within me. Red (speckled with silver and gray like dust in the air [in shadow and light]) was to become for me a formality, blue and purple (speckled [in a black void]) a representation of mystery, while the rainbow in any horizon a phenomenal view. Glycerine by Bush became a favorite song as a result of. I probably examined other colors, but those are the ones up to purple that stand out now the most. Now that I've made a few color charts and have read some (very little) color theory yellow is my highlight, gold is my color for want due to philosophical views and shades of brown to streaks of white and black are how I feel on a daily bases. My philosophical views include the absence of reflection as well as refraction as in silver the attractiveness to it from an idealist/surrealist point of view; philosophically. I once heard someone say that "into the blue" meant to dive headfirst into the crowd of society as an optimist. Though, I'm not sure if that is generally excepted or not. Red is a color that I'm now compulsively obsessed with, while blue can represent my lonesomeness. And white for passion of love, as in a white rose, the highlight of yellow, and the heavenly above, stands for purity. So what about you?

I'm agnostic, not atheist, but believe in "blind faith" as in morale and the Divine as in the complete divinities of nature.

I wasn't sure if anyone would have similar aspects or perception to color in the same way. And mine may not be argumentatively considered as artiness, but I thought I'd ask. It's been buggen' me.