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uncooked, as articles of food: a raw carrot.

not having undergone processes of preparing, dressing, finishing, refining, or manufacture: raw cotton.

unnaturally or painfully exposed, as flesh, by removal of the skin or natural integument.

painfully open, as a sore or wound.

crude in quality or character; not tempered or refined by art or taste: raw humor.

ignorant, inexperienced, or untrained: a raw recruit.

brutally or grossly frank: a raw portrayal of human passions.

brutally harsh or unfair: a raw deal; receiving raw treatment from his friends.

disagreeably damp and chilly, as the weather or air: a raw, foggy day at the beach.

not diluted, as alcoholic spirits: raw whiskey.

unprocessed or unevaluated: raw data.


a sore or irritated place, as on the flesh.

unrefined sugar, oil, etc.

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Idioms for raw

    in the raw,
    1. in the natural, uncultivated, or unrefined state: nature in the raw.
    2. Informal.in the nude; naked: sunbathing in the raw.

Origin of raw

before 1000;Middle English;Old Englishhrēaw, hrǣw; cognate with Dutchrauw,Germanroh; akin to Latincrūdus raw (see crude), cruor blood, Greekkréas raw flesh


raw·ish, adjectiveraw·ish·ness, nounraw·ly, adverbraw·ness, noun

half-raw, adjectivesem·i·raw, adjectivesem·i·raw·ly, adverbsem·i·raw·ness, noun

synonym study for raw

2. Raw,crude,rude refer to something not in a finished or highly refined state. Raw applies particularly to material not yet changed by a process, by manufacture, or by preparation for consumption: raw cotton; raw leather.Crude refers to that which still needs refining: crude petroleum.Rude refers to what is still in a condition of rough simplicity or in a makeshift or roughly made form: rude agricultural implements; the rude bridge that arched the flood.

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Examples from the Web for rawness

  • But Slutever, with its rawness, honesty, and self-deprecating humor, was something different.

    Is This Dildo-Licking, Dominatrix-Loving Vogue Blogger the New Face of Feminism?|Lizzie Crocker|May 22, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Now I think that many are beginning to experience the rawness of the trauma, emptiness, and loss.

    Newtown’s Pastor, Three Months Later|Joshua DuBois|March 24, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • There was a rawness and impolitic honesty to his shows, many of which could make your heart weep.

    Louis Vuitton, Chanel, McQueen Cap Paris Spring 2013 Fashion Week Shows|Robin Givhan|October 3, 2012|DAILY BEAST

  • For the first time, she really tasted the rawness, the exhaustion, and the exhilaration of the family business.

    Caroline: The Reasons Why|Tina Brown|January 5, 2009|DAILY BEAST

British Dictionary definitions for rawness



(of food) not cookedraw onion

(prenominal)in an unfinished, natural, or unrefined state; not treated by manufacturing or other processesraw materials for making steel; raw brick

(of an edge of material) unhemmed; liable to fray

(of the skin, a wound, etc) having the surface exposed or abraded, esp painfully

ignorant, inexperienced, or immaturea raw recruit

(prenominal)not selected or modifiedraw statistics

frank or realistica raw picture of the breakdown of a marriage

(of spirits) undiluted

mainlyUScoarse, vulgar, or obscene

mainlyUSrecently done; freshraw paintwork

(of the weather) harshly cold and damp

informalunfair; unjust (esp in the phrase a raw deal)


the rawBritishinformala sensitive pointhis criticism touched me on the raw

in the raw
  1. informalwithout clothes; naked
  2. in a natural or unmodified statelife in the raw

Derived forms of raw

rawish, adjectiverawly, adverbrawness, noun

Word Origin for raw

Old English hreaw; related to Old High German hrao, Old Norse hrār raw, Latin cruor thick blood, Greek kreas meat

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Medical definitions for rawness



Having subcutaneous tissue exposed.

Inflamed; sore.

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