What is the Netherlands like 4

Wow, when I see all comments over here, I see a lot of; lies, misinterpretations, a very depressive or even negative people. For instance: Nikola L. Financial year? Sorry, that depends for which company you work for, but the tax-year, is like each other country in Europe, cause these days Europe is like the USA, only your states, are at our site countries - and we have more / longer history.

Weather is not depressing, and the warmest Winter day (about 10 degrees Celsius) is not even as cold as the coldest Summer day (about 15 degrees Celsius), what a bullshit! That happened only about 5-7 times in 65 years. Scotland, United Kingdom and Ireland have (measured in cm.) more rain, and rain storm come more often then in the Netherlands. Summertime it can be very hot, but that is the feeling temperature because in the Netherlands the moisture is so much higher, while we have a See Climate, like Singapore has too. So in Summertime when it is about 30 degrees Celsius - it feels almost like 37 degrees because of this.

The Netherlands has the most less (compared to the rest of the European countries) national free time spend on official national festivals and national celebration days. Don't ask me why, but our government took everything away, so we don't have for instance 1st of May (Labor day), we don't have all Catholic festivals, even we are a 43% Catholic religious people. About 3,5% is Islam.

I've seen a lot of countries in my life, in this world (yes, I am spoiled for that matter) and I can say, that the Netherlands is one of the most best Democratic Nations of the World, we have the best Heath Insurance situation and laws of the whole world, we have the most friendly Justice- and Police Department of the world (and they aren't even corrupt). we have one of the most steadiest politics running in the world, we have the most best roads, traffic lights/signs and traffic arrangements of the world.

The Netherlands was all about flowers, milk, butter, and cheese. Nowadays the country is adapting to the new meaning within Europe: We (Netherlands) is becoming the Central International Crossing for Transportation and Internet, more and more. 40% of our traffic are lorries and bigger trucks coming from all over Europe, going into Rotterdam (Biggest Harbor of the world) and Amsterdam (Schiphol, one of the 3 biggest Airports of Europe).

Indeed the Dutch people are almost friendly, 'laidback', and the acceptance of other in our culture is so much higher than in other countries throughout the world - yes that is true. reason for that is, that the Dutch felt always small, and tiny, and we where always depending on the successes off others (bigger countries), this while the country itself (land, earth) has not mush sources: we have Gas in the north, and we have (had) a lot of grass for cows (milk/cheese) but that is all kind a changing while more and more Europeans are coming to life in the Netherlands, especially the west of Holland 'RandStad'. The Netherlands is loosing it's green color, whole we are loosing our grass and therefor our cows. Milk is coming from Poland and Tulips are growing in Latvia, White Russia, Hungary and Turkey.

The Dutch are 'most of them' hard workers, they like to sport a lot, they are pretty smart, and a lot of inventions are made by the Dutch, and yes, our college, study and school system is indeed one of the best in the whole world. like Brazil, the acceptance of other religions and other nationalities is almost to high. We work about 32 till 40 hours a week. Traffic jams are very common over here (you get used to it). And air pollution is never 'hanging above the cities, while because of See Climate, we have always a little 'Wind' stream going on... ;-)

The Dutch aren't the 'best lovers', and are not that good in bed, but like other Northern European Countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland), we do have the best looking women / girls in Europe. And we do know how to do business, and get rich. Everything a Dutchman's owns, when it is successful - is going to be sold, because that is what a Dutchman does: Selling it's own best Business!

Hope this (my story) helps a bit, cause I'm trying to be a realistic person.