What is the best keratin shampoo

Whether you have straight hair, curly hair or you are somewhere in the middle; you might benefit greatly from a product containing a bit of keratin.

This natural protein already makes up the majority of your hair follicles, but when applied to the surface, it can help smoothen and strengthen those dry, frizzy, flyaway strands.

While keratin shampoo can certainly work wonders for your hair, there is still a lot you need to know before choosing one.

In our guide, we will share our list of the best keratin shampoo products and provide you with some useful tips that will help you choose the right one for your scalp, hair type, and budget.

Top 10 Keratin Shampoos Table

Don’t Rely on Just Any Keratin Shampoo

The key to choosing the best keratin shampoo is opting for one that will agree with your scalp and your hair type. Do you have sensitive skin? Is dandruff a problem for you? Is your hair dry and brittle?

It is imperative that you find out what other ingredients the shampoo contains because keratin can be placed in any old shampoo formula to be considered “keratin shampoo.”

On the ingredients label, you will usually see keratin it listed as:

Not all keratin shampoos are high-quality, so if you want the good stuff, read the label!

We recommend sulfate-free formulas, especially if you have curly hair or color treated hair.

Listen up If You Have a Dry Scalp!

Since keratin shampoo can dry the scalp out, you should make sure you follow up with a deep moisturizing conditioner right after you use it.

Users with oily or normal scalps probably won’t experience any serious side effects of a keratin shampoo, and if you have excessively oily scalp, it may even be the right product to help you balance the oil.

Keratin Shampoo After a Keratin Treatment?

As you may already know, salon experts will tell you to refrain from washing your hair for at least three or four days after the treatment for it to be continuously effective.

Keratin treatments are different from keratin shampoos, so don’t mix the two up if you haven’t heard of either.

After you get a keratin treatment and then need to wash your hair, do you need a keratin shampoo?

Not necessarily, but it is a good idea to use a sulfate-free formula and one that doesn’t contain sodium chloride. The latter can dissolve the keratin, which is not what you want after all the money you spent getting the treatment in the first place!

The best keratin shampoos that we are highlighting on this list contain keratin but are not necessarily designed for use after a keratin treatment. You should search for “post keratin treatment shampoo” or something similar if you have just had a keratin treatment and need a follow-up shampoo.

Top 3 Best Keratin Shampoo Reviews

1. Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Duo

Sulfate-Free: Yes

Often using a shampoo and conditioner from the same brand can make a big difference in the results, and with this duo from Keratin Complex, one really does perform better thanks to the other.

We checked the list of ingredients and were happy to see that no sulfates or sodium chloride are used in the formula.

Whether you have color treated hair, keratin treated hair or damaged hair that you would like to restore, this combo of products works quite well for most users. If you have a dry scalp, be careful as it may dry you out even more.

2. OGX Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Shampoo

Sulfate-Free: Yes

If the previous products were too expensive, then you might be more interested in this one from OGX.

It helps strengthen your hair and prevent split ends just like any good keratin shampoo does but without the high price tag attached to the bottle.

The scent is pleasant, but since the fragrance, they added in the formula is artificial, those of you with sensitive skin should be careful with it. Both this and the Keratin Complex shampoo above contain fragrance, so you should be sure to rinse thoroughly after washing and make sure you rinse your face, neck and back after using it, as well.

If you have fine hair, this might weigh it down a bit too much. Try using it less each week if you notice this start to happen and have a regular sulfate-free shampoo on hand so you can switch products and avoid product buildup.

3. It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Shampoo

Sulfate-Free: Yes

It’s a 10 is one of the most popular keratin shampoos out there, but not everyone can rave about it since the success of the product varies from user to user.

We’ve seen it work wonders on dry, damaged, and frizzy hair, and even on fine hair, it didn’t weigh down the strands.

Thick and curly haired users have also had positive results from it, but if you have any oily scalp and hair, you might find that it leaves your hair feeling a little greasy.

Out of all the products on our list, we still felt that it was one worth trying. The majority of users have positive results with it, and you won’t really know until you try!

We liked it because we’ve already had a great experience with their leave-in conditioner plus keratin, so you might try that as an alternative if the shampoo doesn’t work for you.