What is the Armeggedon


[ ahr-muh-ged-n ]

/ ˌɑr məˈgɛd n /


the place where the final battle will be fought between the forces of good and evil (probably so called in reference to the battlefield of Megiddo. Rev. 16:16).

the last and completely destructive battle: The arms race can lead to Armageddon.

any great and crucial conflict.

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Examples from the Web for armageddon

  • And still today Armageddon, is still one of the most shown movies on cable TV.

    Just Kidding: Michael Bay Isn't Sorry for 'Armageddon'|Kevin Fallon|April 23, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • Meanwhile, dearest Mrs. Martin, that you should ask me about 'Armageddon' is most assuredly a sign of the times.

    The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Volume II|Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  • On that solitary string hangs everything from Armageddon to an almanac, from a successful revolution to a return ticket.

    New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1|Various

  • "On the very brink of war—on the brink of Armageddon," he whispered at last.

    Mr. Britling Sees It Through|H. G. Wells

  • We are now enabled to measure exactly the narrow and slippery ledge which still stands between Europe and the abyss of Armageddon.

    New York Times Current History: The European War from the Beginning to March 1915, Vol 1, No. 2|Various

  • None can fail to be interested in the latest campaign in this Land of Armageddon.

    With the British Army in The Holy Land|Henry Osmond Lock

British Dictionary definitions for armageddon



New Testamentthe final battle at the end of the world between the forces of good and evil, God against the kings of the earth (Revelation 16:16)

a catastrophic and extremely destructive conflict, esp World War I viewed as this

Word Origin for Armageddon

C19: from Late Latin Armagedōn, from Greek, from Hebrew har megiddōn, mountain district of Megiddo, in N Palestine, site of various battles in the Old Testament

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Cultural definitions for armageddon


In the Book of Revelation, the site of the final and conclusive battle between good and evil, involving “the kings of the Earth and the whole world,” on the “great day of God Almighty.”

notes for Armageddon

Figuratively, “Armageddon” is any great battle or destructive confrontation.

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