What is Brazil known for

Whenever we listen about Brazil, all that comes to mind is a beautiful country with amazing culture, game of football, rich heritage and country full of beautiful places where you just want to stay for ever. Samba dance and carnival is one of the most amazing things in Brazil. But  it’s not the only thing that Brazil is famous for throughout the world. There are lot many things in Brazil that attract millions of tourist from all over the world. Here lies the list which shows Top 10 Things Brazil Is Famous For.

10. Coffee

The tenth place in our list goes to Brazilian Coffee which is famous worldwide. Brazil is considered as to be the largest producer of coffee in whole world. It is proved by the fact that alone Brazil produces about one third of all coffee produced in the whole world. Brazilian coffee has its unique taste and is one of the most pleasant coffees. A large number of people in Brazil have their occupation of planting and growing coffee only. A large section of Brazilian population is involved in this business making this a great source of employment for them.

9. Its women

Next in our list lies the Brazilian woman. Yes, that’s true. Brazilian models are one of the most required models in worldwide. Many top models that have excelled in the fashion industry have their background from Brazil. Brazil is well known in fashion industry for producing some of the best and top supermodels of all times. Women in Brazil are very beautiful and that way they participate in the carnival and other activities, it’s just awesome.  They attract attention for each and every corner of the world.

8. Brazilian Culture

Brazil is the country which is filled from people from every background. That means that the Brazil accommodates people from America, Africa and many other countries. Over the years many people from different countries have settled into Brazil and have contributed a lot to make the culture of Brazil vast and glorified. Visit Brazil and you will be amazed to see the Brazilian culture. People in Brazil are so helpful that they welcome tourists from all over the world with their open arms and the kind off hospitality that you will receive there will be truly mesmerizing. This awesome Brazilian culture is the reason for the tourists to get attracted to this wonderful country.

7. Pantanal Wildlife Century

Pantanal is considered as to be the world’s greatest wildlife sanctuary. River flows through this wildlife century making this an extremely beautiful place for the animals to live. Pantanal covers a very large distance and is very huge in area if we compare. A major part of the Pantanal wildlife sanctuary is shielded and is known as the Pantanal Matogrossence National Park. There exist various species of fish and other wild animals such as jaguar, deer, guinea pigs and others. Some migratory birds are also found in the sanctuary. It’s a very beautiful place to visit.

6. Brazil Beaches

The number sixth place in our list is for the Brazilian beaches. Brazil is famous all over the world for its beautiful and mesmerizing beaches. Once you visit any of beaches there in Brazil, you are sure to get lost in its beauty. When you talk about the number of beaches, it crosses the count of 2000. Copacabana is one the world’s most visited and most stunning beach. It is 4 kilometer in length and is situated in Rio de Janeiro. Tourist from all over the world visit Brazilian beaches in their vacations. There are a number of water sports that are played there. And not to forget is the New Year Party at Brazilian beaches. They are simply amazing.

5. The Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest that exist today. The Amazon rainforest expands over various countries but the major portion of it lies in Brazil. 60% of the Amazon rainforest lies in the country of Brazil. The Amazon is recently considered for the New Seven Wonders Of The World. It is famous for its natural beauty. In between the forest lies the river and along the river side the beauty is just breath taking. Once you visit this place, you will surely not forget this place ever. And if you love to do some adventure things in life, then this is a must place for you to visit.

4. Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World and is situated in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This amazing statue welcomes everyone from each corner of the world with its open arms. Being in the list of Seven Wonders of the World, it is a must visit place for each one of us. Many travelers and writer have described this place as a truly mesmerizing one.

3. Samba Dance

The number third place is undoubtedly belongs to the Samba Dance. This amazing dance of Brazil is famous worldwide. Many tourist visit Brazil during the Carnival time of the year just to have a look at this traditional dance of this amazing country. Samba dance has a touch of the dances being performed in Africa continent. Many famous music videos have this traditional dance of Brazil. The attire which the Samba dancers wear and the make-up they put on is just fabulous. Attend a Samba dance session there and you will surly get lost in its beauty.

2. Its Carnival

Brazilian Carnival is known worldwide for its amazing dance, parties and fun. Carnival in Brazil is like a festival which each and every Brazilian celebrates with utmost joy and pleasure. It is well said by the writers that if want to experience something amazing in your life time then do visit Brazil once during the carnival time. You will be simply speechless watching the carnival in full swing. This carnival is celebrated forty six days prior to the festival of Ester. Many tourists from all over the world visit Brazil during carnival. Over the years this carnival has become very huge and now it seems that the whole population of Brazil gets involved directly or indirectly to make this even more attractive each year.

1. Football

Undoubtedly the first place in our list goes to the game of Football for which Brazil is famous throughout the world. When it comes to playing football nothing matches the spirit with which Brazilians play the game. Brazil is one of the most successful nations who have excelled in this sport. This is proved by the fact that Brazil has won football world cup for a record 5 times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002). This country has produced some of the legends in the game of football such as Pele, Ronaldo and others. When people talk about football it surely contains Brazil as the most discussed topic.



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