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Here is the equipment I have been able to put together for just a shade over 12k.

I've got 3 bench presses, one is a Sorinex auto spot that gives you a lift off, 2 power racks, one is an old Sorinex 1 squat rack, 1 Hammer Strength incline bench press, 1 Paramount decline bench press, 2 flat benches, 3 adjustable incline benches, 1 upright utility bench, 1 preacher curl bench, 1 shoulder press bench, 1 plate loaded pec deck, 1 Bodymaster lat machine, 1 3 stack cable crossover that has a second lat machine on the end of it. 1 counter balanced smith machine, 1 plate loaded Scorpian brand shoulder press machine, 1 plate loaded Hammer Strength brand lateral raise machine, 1 Bodymaster overhead triceps extentsion machine, 1 dip station, 1 Dynabody vertical row machine, 1 Polaris pullover machine, 1 T-bar row, 1 Promaxima chest supported row, 1 Prostar leg press, 1 Cybex horizontal squat machine, 1 selectorized leg extension/seated leg curl machine, 1 Dynabody plate loaded leg extension/lying leg curl machine, 1 sissy squat, 1 standing calf raise machine, 1 glute machine, 1 multi-hip machine, 1 selectorized lower back extension machine, 1 glute/Ham raise bench, 3 ab benches, 1 plate loaded gripper machine, 1 plate loaded dip machine, 1 Schwinn Airdyne bike, 1 Vision fitness upright bike, 1 Tectrix/Cybex stair stepper, 1 Life fitness stair stepper, 1 Nautilus Treadmill, 1 Sci Fit eliptical, 1 Wave Master XXL heavy bag, over 3,000 pounds of plates, dumbbells from 3-135 pounds, 1 trap/shrug bar, 1 football bar, 8 olympic bars including 3 York Bars, 1 texas power bar, and 4 Hampton bars, 3 curl bars including a Gaspari bar that allows you to supinate your hands while curling with a barbell, a set of the big blue 100 pound power bands, 4 sets of 3/8" chains and one set of 5/8" chains, and I just ordered a dead lift jack. I think that's it for now. I don't think I forgot anything. LOL

Sorry I didn't list the brand name of every piece of equipment but it's a long list as it is. LOL

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