What does pero que es eso mean

Listen to an audio pronunciation
Listen to an audio pronunciation
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A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun (e.g. she).
a. that
eso es la Torre Eiffelthat's the Eiffel Tower
eso es lo que yo piensothat's just what I think
eso que propones es irrealizablewhat you're proposing is impossible
eso de vivir solo no me gustaI don't like the idea of living on my own
¡eso, eso!that's right!, yes!
¿cómo es eso?, ¿y eso?how come?
para eso es mejor no irif that's all it is, you might as well not go
por eso vinethat's why I came
a eso de(at) about o around
a eso del mediodíaround about midday
en esojust then, at that very moment
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eso no me gustaI don't like that;¿qué es eso?what's that?;eso de su cochethat business about his car;¿es verdad eso que me han contado?is it true what I've been told?;¿qué es eso de que ...?what's all this about ...?;¡eso!that's right!;eso esthat's it;that's right;eso síyes, of course;el coche es viejo, eso síthe car is certainly old;eso digo yo(indicando acuerdo)I quite agree;(respondiendo a pregunta)that's what I'd like to know;¡eso no!, ¡eso sí que no!no way!;eso creoI think so;eso esperoI hope so;a eso de las dosat about two o'clock;round about two;en eso llegó el carteroat that point the postman arrived;nada de esonothing of the kind;far from it;¡nada de eso!not a bit of it!;¿no es eso?isn't that so?;por esotherefore;and so;por eso no vinethat's why I didn't come;no es por esothat's not the reason;that's not why;it's not because of that;¿y eso?why?;how so? (familiar);y eso que llovíain spite of the fact that it was raining
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