What does Pasha mean in Turkish

A toxic randy who plays rust more than he socially interacts with other human beings. He thinks that he’s a WWE fighter and can’t bake to save his life, so he gets other people to make him grilled cheese, as that is the only thing he eats. Pasha wears his Canada Goose jacket in positive 7 degree weather. Why? Because he is a hype beast. He flexes his supreme sweaters in the vacinity of his own school. But people love pasha, because pasha is the god of all roasts.

Person 1: bro pasha hasn’t left his house in 3 days... is he a vampire, or just addicted to rust?
Person 2: bro i don’t know, all I know is that he roasted me so godly through his PC monitor that i had to get the fire extinguisher.

by memequeenrandy January 23, 2019

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