What does deferentially associated mean


[ def-uh-ren-shuhl ]

/ ˌdɛf əˈrɛn ʃəl /


showing deference; deferent; respectful.

Words nearby deferential

defer, deference, deferent, deferent duct, deferentectomy, deferential, deferentitis, deferment, deferrable, deferral, deferred

Origin of deferential

1815–25; after deference, by analogy with such pairs as residence: residential

OTHER WORDS FROM deferential

def·er·en·tial·ly, adverbnon·def·er·en·tial, adjectivenon·def·er·en·tial·ly, adverbo·ver·def·er·en·tial, adjective

o·ver·def·er·en·tial·ly, adverbun·def·er·en·tial, adjectiveun·def·er·en·tial·ly, adverb

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Examples from the Web for deferentially

  • He spoke low and deferentially, and his mien was that of a modest, retiring man who secretly thought ill of himself.

    The Lions of the Lord|Harry Leon Wilson

  • He smiled at her deferentially, but backed away with his cart.

    Old Caravan Days|Mary Hartwell Catherwood

  • "If you will wait another minute I think the prisoner will come out," suggested Potin deferentially, jingling his keys.

    Robert Tournay|William Sage

  • A comic severity in the tone of the correction was deferentially accepted by Fenellan.

    One of Our Conquerors, Complete|George Meredith

  • A truth which we accept with closed eyes, submissively, deferentially, servilely—such a truth is nothing but a lie.

    The Forerunners|Romain Rolland

British Dictionary definitions for deferentially



marked by or showing deference or respect; respectful

Derived forms of deferential

deferentially, adverb

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Medical definitions for deferentially



Of or relating to the vas deferens.

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