What color goes good with tan pants

Brown pants can look equally classy just like black pants. However, finding the right color combination with brown pants is not as simple a task as you might think. We’ll suggest some colors that will match very well with your brown pants.


Do not team a forest green color shirt/blouse with brown pants, unless you want to end up looking like a tree. However, if you’re confident about pulling off this look, you can venture into this experiment at your own risk!

For those who are tired of the typical monotonous blue and black pants, but are not willing to venture too far, brown can serve as a sophisticated, yet classy color.

Of course, comparatively, brown is not as color compatible with other colors as black is. Hence, you have to be bit careful while choosing colors with brown. While white and brown is the perfect pairing, there are other subtle tones too, such as cream, off-white, pastel colors such as pink, orange, peach, etc., that can look cool with brown pants. What’s more, brown comes into the category of both, casuals and formals. Whether you’re out on a fun expedition, or at a business meeting, brown is a more-than-acceptable color.

Colors That Go With Brown Pants

► Beige
► White/Off white
► Cream
► Pink
► Lavender
► Black
► Shades of blue
► Pastels and soft shades

Shirts That Go With Brown Pants

FOR MEN(The Cool Dude)

Blue is a cool color that will look super hot with brown pants. Light shades of blue look excellent with brown pants: a good look for a date or a fun-filled evening with buddies.

Myth of Black and Brown Shunned

Black and Brown combo, both neutral colors, have broken fashion myths that state they should not be worn together. Team them with black shoes; however, remember not to have an overdose of either of the colors. Strike a balance when you team brown and black.

Beauty of the Check Shirt

Check shirts will never lose their appeal, isn’t it? Try for pastels such as blue, pink, light orange, cream, etc. If you want to sport a country-side look, the check shirt is ideal for you.

The Casual Look

Want to experiment something offbeat? Why not try a check jacket? Or a plain white hooded shirt won’t fail to work wonders.

FOR WOMEN(The Sophisticated Look: White and Brown)

Ladies, you can trust the white and brown combination blindly to create a sophisticated and professional look. A golden or brown bag will match perfectly with your brown pants.

Shades of Brown

Fancy bell bottoms? Don a short casual top over it. Or try the ‘head-to-toe’ look, dressed in all shades of brown. (Do not forget to accessorize in brown!)

Sweaters to Wear With Brown Pants

Sweaters with horizontal patterns, colors such as pink, blue, lavender, or simply in the combination of white and brown will look super chic on brown pants.

Blouses/Tops That Go With Brown Pants

Knitted and lacy tops, again in shades of white, beige, cream, peach, and brown look cute on brown pants. You can team these colors with brown slacks too.

Accessorizing right is equally important. You can team them with a brown- or cream-colored scarf. Wear brown shoes that are darker than the shade of brown of your pants. Hope all these suggestions help you choosing colors that will match well with brown pants.

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Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk...

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