What are the problems of Chevrolet SRV

The growing amount technology in today’s vehicles has enabled about all kinds of convenient and exciting connectivity, information, and entertainment possibilities. Said technology works very well most of the time, but it does malfunction or cease to work every now and again. A perfect example is the Cadillac CUE infotainment system, which can sometimes “run away”, preventing the driver and passengers from controlling such items as radio, navigation, and sometimes even HVAC functions. The good news is that most CUE glitches can be solved simply by restarting the system.

Besides solving general glitches with CUE, a hard reset/restart can also solve issues with:

  • CUE not recognizing inputs on the touchscreen
  • CUE not recognizing HVAC settings on the touch panel
  • Issues with various OnStar features

So, here’s how to perform a restart — otherwise known as a hard reset — on Cadillac vehicles equipped with CUE:

  1. Turn the vehicle on
  2. Open the CUE faceplate, thereby exposing the storage area behind it
  3. With the faceplate up, turn off the vehicle
  4. Open the driver’s side door
  5. Wait 30-60 seconds with the driver’s side door open
  6. Close the door and start the vehicle
  7. Lower the faceplate

Note: a hard reset or restart does not reset system settings or remove user-set items such as favorites.

After performing this sequence of steps, CUE and the vehicle’s other infotainment and telematics technologies will have been “hard reset”, but CUE won’t show any messages this to be the case. The tell-tale sign of a hard reset, however, is a spinning yellow circle in the top right corner of the system, which indicates that CUE is reloading settings.

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