What are the missuses of the Internet

Yes because...

Actually, playboy is more of a literary magazine [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11802449]] than penthouse, and the other more explicitly pornographic volumes of the genre; plus the shoe leather costs of going to a store buying a dirty/girly mag plus the effort going into hiding it from your mothers surpasses, that of free internet porn/porno/pornography.
Buying dirty magazines and watching internet porn are not mutually exclusive; both can be done simultaneously.

Also, Playboy because of the quality writing in its publication is actually good for grades. Most subjects require writing well-thought,comprehensive,and on the whole well-written essay answers; reading the works of the greatest authors of our time especially when they were banned and produced their most thought-provoking works is great for academic prowess across the board. While internet porn is mainly smut; with no value for the brain.

Or they don't have one what?