What are some overrated firearms and why

There are guns that are truly great and will stand the test of time. The 1911, the Glock 17, the AR15, the M1 Garand. Legends, and rightfully so because they’ve earned their place in history. Some guns served on the wrong side of wars, but represented innovations like the Walther P38 or the STG44. But what about guns that everyone says are great, but are actually kind of terrible? Some are propped up by lingering nostalgia, others are popular because of their price point, but for whatever reason, people love them…even if they’re not very good. So get out your stadium hats and start chanting with me: “OVER-RATED! OVER-RATED!” as we look at the 5 Most Overrated Guns of All Time.

5. The Mosin-Nagant
If I’d written this list 7 years ago, this entry would have gone to the SKS; but as prices have climbed, the SKS is no longer the darling of the TapCo catalog, it’s simply another $250 C&R rifle. The Mosin-Nagant on the other hand? Well it’s now number 5 on this list, because it’s adored by an entire generation of internet fanboys who are too poor to buy a proper rifle, and can’t appreciate a $100 C&R gun for what it is. “If I put $400 worth of crap on my Mosin, it’s just as good as a Ruger American Rifle!” No, you fedora wearing neckbeard, it isn’t. It’s a $100 C&R rifle that’s fought itself in every major war since WW1 and lost every time. But that’s not good enough, because people need to justify their purchases, so instead of just enjoying it, these spazoids have to pretend that they’ve bought a WW2 sniper rifle while they watch Enemy at the Gates for the 3,299th time in their mother’s basement.

4. The Luger
The love affair with the Luger is perplexing. I blame movies. Yes, it’s an interesting piece of machinery, and it represents a great historical niche in guns. It was also a pretty awful service sidearm and was replaced as fast as possible with literally better in every way Walther P38. As collector’s items they’re neat, but that’s also created and absolutely insane market for them, so that even run of the mill samples will set you back close to $1,000. But, like I said, I blame Hollywood. Lugers show up in basically every movie that involves Germans as good guys or bad guys, regardless of whether or not it’s appropriate or period correct for the character to be carrying a Luger. Hell, even in the new Wolfenstein game, set in an alternate history where the Nazis won, you’re still getting saddled with a bunch of toggle-bolt full auto Lugers. People love Lugers because they look cool, and apparently that’s all that matters.

3. The AK47
Ah, the AK47. Beloved by people who want a rifle that holds the same number of rounds as an AR15, but don’t want an AR15 despite it having superior ergonomics, sights, and accuracy. The real legacy of the AK is that it’s a rifle designed to be used by literally the dumbest human beings on the planet, and in that role it excels. But…it’s not really a very good rifle. Its legendary reputation for reliability is mostly grounded in the same ‘Nam era war stories that make people think that M16s aren’t reliable. It’s earned this legendary reputation for mechanical reliability…which turns out to pretty much be just that, a legend. But the internet will tell you forever that “nothing can jam an AK”…until one does malfunction, then they’ll say “well that was a Bulgarian AK, not a true Russian model so it’s inferior garbage.” Whatever you say. Go rewatch Red Dawn (the good one) and tell your AK that it’s “just as good” as an AR15. If you say it enough, maybe you’ll start believing it.

2. The M14
I’d be worried about people getting out their pitchforks and torches and burning my house down because I’m defaming their beloved M14, but most M14 fanboys can’t get off the couch without a chair-lift anyway. Here is a typical M-14/M1A fan:

Our love affair for this gun is utterly bizarre. It lasted about 12 seconds as our main service rifle and was replaced by the M16 which has been soldiering on for damn near 50 years now. Meanwhile the M14 is relegated to use as the occasional DMR rifle, and even there it’s getting replaced by longer barreled M16s and AR pattern rifles in .308, because they’re better. People who love the M14 have spent too much time reading about how the .223 is a “poodle shooter” and think that everything would be better if we all just went back to the 1960s so we could hit women and get day drunk at work. The sad thing about M-14 fanboys is that it’s not even the best .308 of the era, the FAL is better by pretty much every single metric. The best thing you can say about the M14 is that it has a perfect one-shot stop record on Vincent D’Onofrio.

1. The Springfield XD (all flavors)
Here’s your typical XD buyer: A guy who wants a polymer framed, striker fired handgun, but for whom the extra $100 for a Glock or M&P is too much. So instead he settles for the XD, and like anyone who takes their silver medal, must defend his choice vigorously to all comers. The XD enjoys all the benefits of the “Springfield” brand name, with all the quality control Croatia can muster! Because oh yeah, when I think quality firearms, I think “Croatia.” And you know what’s worse? Slapping the Springfield logo on the XD is what really ruins it, because when it was the HS2000 and cost $300, it would have made total sense. I would have climbed over mountains of Tauruses to get an XD, but nooooooo we have to import them with a reputable brand name and upcharge them to $450 for the base model. Now a new XDm will cost the same or even more than a Glock or M&P, which is just madness. It’s like walking into a car dealer and saying “yes, I’d like to pay $50,000 for a Camry” while the dealer himself is trying to sell you a BMW or a Mercedes.

Say it with me, everyone: “OVER-RATED! OVER-RATED!”

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