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Using Widgets to Gain Trust and Customers Simplify the decision-making process for prospective guests with Tripadvisor widgets.

Traveling is wonderful, but planning trips is hard. All the research and decision making that has to be done beforehand (or after arrival, for that matter) is time-consuming at best, tedious at worst.

You can make planning a trip easier for me and thousands of other travelers with Tripadvisor widgets for accommodations, attractions and restaurants.

Widgets allow you to show up-to-the-minute Tripadvisor content on your website or Facebook page. You can display property reviews, awards, and even collect new reviews from visitors on your website. 

Below are two of my favorite Tripadvisor widgets. I’ll show how these help me save time and mental energy when planning a trip. And because my professional background is in reader engagement, I’ll also explain how these help your overall marketing strategy.

Tripadvisor Social Media Buttons

It’s a common expectation when visiting any website that somewhere on the page will be a list of icons pointing to the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. accounts.

The Tripadvisor Social Media Buttons is a similar widget that sends readers to the brand’s user-generated reviews.

As a traveler, when I see this button on the website for a hotel, attraction or restaurant it immediately tells me this brand believes its customer experience is stellar enough to invite feedback. If you choose to show your bubble rating on the widget, I might not even click through to read the reviews because you’ve already told me: “this place is good.”

From a marketer’s perspective, this is gold. You’re showing you’re accountable to your guests and you know your reviews will back up your brand’s customer service promises. It also puts your potential customers one click away from the traveler reviews they need to make their booking decision.

Tripadvisor Reviews For Facebook

The Tripadvisor Reviews For Facebook app shows up as a tab on your Facebook profile. Users can click on the tab and see your Tripadvisor bubble rating, as well as a breakdown in individual ratings for location, value, service, etc.

At one billion users, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world. If I find your brand through a Facebook search, this widget allows me to easily get an overview of your traveler rating, see user-generated photos, and read your most recent reviews.

No need to visit multiple sites to find this information. You’ve brought it to me.

From a social media marketing point of view, you are not only giving your readers easy access to information. You can also use the widget to solicit reviews from an engaged fanbase who already trusts your brand and will likely give you positive ratings.


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