Was Theon uncomfortable watching Ramsays bedding ceremony

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The wooden door slammed against the wall which caused Juliana to jump from the sudden loud bang. Ramsay shoved Juliana into the chamber before he turned to close and lock the door behind him in a rush. Juliana felt sick with nerves. She didn't want Ramsay to touch her but she had no choice but to give him what was his rights as her husband. She began to tremble on the spot while Ramsay hastily tried to lock the door.

"Get on the bed" Ramsay grunted while fiddling with the lock, Juliana stumbled over her feet trying to walk over to the bed which used to look cosy and soft. The bed now reminded her of a cold wooden plank of wood; Juliana perched on the edge of the bed twirling her fingers around to distract herself. When Ramsay finally managed to lock the door; he spun around on the back of his heels and smirked towards his new wife.

Juliana began to cringe when she heard stomping feet come towards her. "I said get on the bed" Ramsay repeated his instruction. Juliana looked up at Ramsay in confusion, she was on the bed. "Are you really incapable to do a simple task?" Ramsay snarled then he grabbed Juliana by her waist and shoved her into the middle of their bed.

"Please don't" Juliana repeated while Ramsay straddled over her undoing his breaches. Ramsay glared down at her and hissed a response to her begging.

"Say 'please' one more time and I'll show you how sorry I am with my knife" Ramsay finally removed his breaches so he began to tugging on Juliana's dress. After a minute of trying to take the dress off he groaned "Fucking dress" as the dress refused to fall off, he rolled off Juliana and grabbed his small blade which he keeps in his bedside drawers.

He then began sawing at the breast area of the dress; Juliana started to sob while she stared at him. The dress finally slide off her body; Ramsay pulled the material way swiftly while staring down at her body. Juliana's body was slender with small curves on her hips, ass and thighs. Her breasts were large enough for Ramsay to grab and hold with two hands, on her breasts stood hard small buds. Ramsay grinned wolfishly down at his wife while she shakes from terror under his lustful piercing eyes. He admired his wife beauty from her small mark less heart shaped face and petite pointed nose to her large baby-blue eyes and red fat cheeks, it was all his to destroy whenever he liked.

He quickly grabbed at her breasts and fondled them firmly whilst staring into Juliana's glassy eyes. He drank in her fear with his cold eyes; his cock became hard when Juliana started to scream as he began to grind against her vagina. Ramsay soon got bored of her screams and released her nipples from his tight grip; he kept Juliana on her back so he can see the pain on her face when he entered her. His cock began to throb before he slammed into her, removing her maidenhead. His grunts flowed freely as his cock was being squashed by her tight walls. He began to thrust with force into her, he smacked his body against hers whilst scratching at her hips. Sweat began to form on his forehead as he takes his wife at rough speed while she screamed and cried underneath him.

Juliana felt the blood dripping between her thighs as she grabbed handfuls of the bed covers in pain, after every thrust her vagina became numb. Ramsay began to paw at his wife's teats as he felt his release slowly coming. Juliana began to moan in pain but the sound drove Ramsay even wilder. He knelt down to her neck and started to bite down, leaving his mark. He finally slammed at hard as he could into her; releasing all his warm seed into her womb. Ramsay smacked her breasts one more time watching them bounce, he wiped away his sweat while he watched Juliana breakdown in front of him.

"Stupid whore" Ramsay mumbled pushing her away from him then began to wiping himself with the bed cover to remove Juliana's blood. He slumped onto the bed and pulled the covers over his body and closed his eyes. Juliana laying still stared up at the ceiling listening to Ramsay's grunts as he began to fall asleep. Juliana tried to move but the pain was too intense so she slumped back down into her previous position. She turned her head to gaze at Ramsay who seemed to have fallen into a deep slumber.

The glint of the blade caught Juliana's sight, the urge to pick up the knife and drag it along Ramsay's neck was overpowering. Juliana slowly lifted her body, the adrenalin consuming the pain. She reached for the knife but froze when Ramsay grunted again; he grabbed her broken body and pulled it close to him possessively. The idea left Juliana's mind as soon as she realised she was trapped in Ramsey's arms. The pain was too unbearable to fall asleep so Juliana stared at the ceiling blankly until exhaustion caught up with her.

When the light forced Juliana to wake up from her slumber, she noticed Ramsay was not present in the room. Juliana sighed in relief, she tried to move her body off the bed however she was force to stop moving because of the throbbing pain of her abused body. She felt like she's just had a fight with a giant and didn't throw one hit. She grunted while she flopped her head back onto the bed. She cursed Ramsay in her head about the pain he had caused her until Lysa opened the door. Juliana blushed as Lysa ran over and helped her lift herself off the bed; her legs began to shake under the weight of her body.

Lysa remand silent as she helped Juliana get into a bath filled with warm water, the water caused Juliana's muscles to relax as the water soothed them. Juliana groaned at the feeling, Lysa started to scrub the dried blood away from her skin with a cloth and soap. Juliana leaded forward as Lysa stared to comb through her hair with her fingers removing the sweat and knots from last night.

After finishing washing Juliana's hair, Lysa helped Juliana out of the bath tub and wrapped a towel around her body. Lysa picked up Juliana's clean dress and helped her get into it. The dress was a plain deep blue which was tight around the stomach but flowed at her hips which allowed her to move with comfort. Lysa started to brush Juliana's long wet hair which stuck to her porcelain skin; she plaited her hair into a long braid which was laid over her shoulder. Lysa stood in front of Juliana with her hands behind her back "Lord Ramsay is waiting for you in the dining room, try not to move too quickly." Lysa held Juliana's arm to help her shuffle down the stairs and into the dining room for breakfast.

"You took your time" Ramsay glanced up from his meat which he was gnawing on. Reek stood by his side like an obedient dog, I sat at the opposite side of the table and Lysa stood by my side. "You're looking quite sore my dear wife " Ramsay laughed from the other side of the table. Juliana did what a lady should never do; she ignored his comment and requested some bread and butter to Lysa. Ramsay glower at his wife who refused to acknowledge him, she'll be punished for that later. Lysa rushed over to the plate which contained the requested items and she started to spread butter onto Juliana's bread.

"Reek, give my wife some meat. I don't want her to die before she bears me an heir" Ramsay commanded to Reek.

"Right away my Lord" He picked up a sausage with a fork and marched over to her plate.

"Thank you Reek" Juliana smiled at Reek who looked at Juliana with a confused expression but stumbled back over to his master's side. When Lysa placed the bread onto Juliana's plate, Juliana requested Lysa to sit next to her and help herself to the food.

"Thank you but I'll eat something in the kitchens M'lady" Lysa curtsied towards Juliana but before Juliana could say a reply Ramsay spoke first.

"This food is to be eaten by Lords and Ladies, not common slaves." Ramsay spat out towards his wife. Juliana looked on disgusted by his manners but started to eat her food. Ramsay started to boast about how many titles he had after Robb Stark has been killed and how the Bolton house was given rewards for the part they played by king Joffrey. Juliana didn't know what most of the titles meant to she gasped at the right moments which seemed to have kept Ramsay happy.

"I have amazing news for you my dear wife" Ramsay's eyes glinted with lust. Every time Ramsay would call Juliana 'my dear wife' she knew it had no meaning of affection behind it but a reminder to her that she is his obedient dog. "I'll be taking you hunting today"

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