Third Raikage vs Hanzo who will win

@nighthunder: U Always say Raikage dont let Jiraiya to fight and live .. Jiraiya can never do any of his jutsus bcz of raikage's speed ha ?!?

İf this speed and brutally power is that good!! why?!? He is never call a ''Best Shinobi of His Era'', ''Invincible Shinobi'', God of Shinobi'' !!!

His speedblitz a hude advantage ok but... If you have fight against 16 year old sasuke and you lose one of your arms and maybe if gaara dont be react on guilltone drop on amaterasu... He maybe loose two legs.... And he cant seriously hurt Sasuke..

Even Juugo and Suigetsu counter Raikage not able his speed but counter it....

Jiraiya's Power, Durability, Speed, Reflexes > Juugo's, Suigetsu's and Sasuke's

If he can into Sennin Mode Ay no match-up for Gama_sennin

Ay is specialit on taijutsu right?!? Yes like jiraiya..But Jiraiya also has lots of ninjutsu, also have senjutsu, also have summonin' jutsus and in Sage Mode he has the 4th genjutsu in naurto world... How can you belive just Raikage's speed saves his ass!!??!!....

Im tellin again İf Raikage was fight against pain with equal/same options with Jiraiya he even couldnt pass multiple headed flyin dogs kuchiyose animals (ı dont know their short names :D ) He maybe kill one Pain maybe !!!!!!! Not 4 time

Jiraiya always play fool, looks like goofy guy, and he is always travelled the world he is only title bein a Sannin and Sennin but all Naruto fans must know that... Jiraiya is a Kage Level Shinobi.... He is wont this title.... He is one of his kind :D

Dont underestimate Jiraiya ...

He is Kage level ninja and he not a humble or slow ninja too...

And His knowledge and intelligence far more better than Ay !!!

Ay not much much much more stronger than Jiraiya...Barely Stronger and Brutall than J-Man this is true but not much much much stronger..

Even he 11 year old he can throw a giant snake to the sky

He can take serious damage always from Tsunade but he able this

He can beat giant dog kuchiyose of pain without his hands just use legs

And all of this for his regular state

Sennin Mode Jiraiya more durable, more intelligent and more stronger than Ay

Ay is a Kage of course he give a lot trouble to Pain but not that Jiraiya can do !!!!

Every Kage has a chance to take out other kage this is the last level on shinobi world(without kinjutsus)

I can said this barely, clearly and easily: '' JİRAİYA İs a KAGE lvl ninja''

And Just speedblitz and brutallity not good enough for Jiraiya

Ay loose an arm in a fight but he cant give equal damage on his enemy

He is not that much (about your comments) a great Shinobi for about take out easily Jiraiya !!!