Should I get a Palm Pre Plus

Well, I think the main reason why people have been having problems with the Pre Plus is because it is used alot for things like work. For example, to me, my battery ife on the palm pre is great. It lasts all day without me having to charge. But that fact might not be the same fore someone who works and has to use the phone pretty much all day, or have to use the phone frequently, in which they give a negitive review on the battery life.


       As far as the keyboard, I think its really good. Its very accurate and even with nails (which I have had) you can still use the keyboard well. It is small, but it is very clicky and accurate.


        There have been reports of the Pre Plus crashing suddenly or going into airplane mode unexpectedly. I havent had any of these problems. Which just goes back to what I was saying before. It mainly depends on how you use the phone. Its like a computer. Some times if your doing too many things on a computer or working it too hard, it will crash. Same thing with the pre plus, or any phone. Its not that the phone sucks, its how you use it.