On what circumstances is music not haram

People say so because of what we read from Qur'an, which others have already provided u with, and from aunthentic Hadith which also have been provided. And no words can be stronger then the Qur'an and Sunnah:

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) said that "There will be a group of my people who will make permissible for themselves adultery, pure silk, intoxicants and MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.”

This in one authentic Hadith narrated in Sahih al-Bukhari, clearly stating that the use of musical instruments is haram.

But with respect to the ruling on MUSIC, all Islamic scholars agree that music which is associated with drinking, vice, inappropriateness, and un-Islamic conduct is haram. However, scholars DIFFER regarding music that is FREE from all such negative associations, meaning that, as long as wording and such are appropriate, some scholars would agree it to be fine under these circumstances...Basically, they do not see in the many hadith a general prohibition against music, but only a prohibition of music when it is associated with other questionable activities. As a result, they take it as a general ruling that music is halal in and of itself, under some circumstances

For me, this is when confusion arises. I mean, music, in and of itself, almost always contains musical instruments, doesnt it? then why would it suddenly be halal because there are no negative associations? Does this mean there are some instruments that are allowed? Or, what about the Muslim singers who sing only religious songs, and have instruments - such as Sami Yusuf? does that mean his songs are haram, even though they touch our hearts and teach us about our Islam?

Brother, Alhamdulilah, most of us just want to do the right thing, and want others to do so as well. and ultimately, we are held responsible for our INTENTIONS...some things are constantly debated about, and music is one of them. I mean obviously, music is something a part of all Cultures and countries.

Personally, I listen to music sometimes, and I admit that i would find it difficult to suddenly stop...you're right, majority of people in this world listen to music, which is what makes it difficult to accept the idea that it is haram. Like you said, does that mean most of us are sinning? I wouldn't want somebody to go on a wrong path because of hearing that music is haram, Inshallah Allah knows that as humans we are weak sometimes and when we want to do something right, we should do it properly and in small steps, we can't just jump from the bottom to the top u kno. Ultimately the choice will be within oneself, either you'll stop listening to music if u doubt it to be halal, or you don't,,, thats it...also u say that it is scientifically proven that music calms and relaxes oneself, well, I can say that instead of listening to a soft rock song, for example, why not listen to a naat or nasheed instead?

and from what I have read and briefly studied on the issue of music, I get the understanding that most American, Canadian, European music etc. should be avoided. But religious music like naats and nasheeds, teach us something about our Islam, so what need is there to avoid it?

I suppose my answer would still leave someone with the question: is music haram or not? but I think my answer is only clear in saying that there will always be a difference in opinion when it comes to music, and not all Muslims across the world will agree on one answer.

My brother, good luck on finding your satisfaction. I just post an answer cuz it's good for me to learn more about these things, I am not arguing back in any disrespectful manner. I respect ur ideas, and the thoughts and proofs u put into it

Salaam Wa rahmatullah