Is Twice s Sana really gay

This blog is gonna be what I think twice would be like as girlfriends and a sexuality analysis thing of them :)) enjoy



I think Jihyo as a girlfriend would be a soft sweetheart, always supportive and encouraging. I feel like she would leave cute notes and do aegyo to brighten your day and make you smile. She would always be the type to use puppy dog eyes and pout when she wants something or attention

Jihyo instead of acting more romantically like some of the other girls do, she looks at the girls with more of a big sister nature. I think she would be the type to be attracted to personality and not care what gender or what gender they started, I think pansexual for Jihyo.



I feel Nayeon would be a playful and bubbly girlfriend. Making jokes and using her baby voice to mess around. I also think her affection levels would vary by setting and maybe emotion. She seems to be shy with affection at times.

I think Nayeon would be Bisexual. She is loving with the girls and girls in general, but I have seen her glance at men before in a way. I think she would be more attracted to women though.



Momo would be the really affectionate girlfriend. Always wanting to hold your hand, kiss you, wrap her arms around you, ect... She would cook with you or cook for you and when she works on a dance she would let you watch, smiling the whole time at you ask she did it.

Momo is 100% gay no doubt. She is so affectionate with females and you don't see her interact with males too much. She looks at girls with a certain look of attraction and love. I honestly think all of Japan line is the gayest. You see more girlxgirl things around Japan so for them they honestly don't would be more forward with being gay.



Dahyun again would be another fun girlfriend always cracking jokes, being cheesy, making you laugh so hard you snort. When feeling down she would run into the room singing and dancing like a fool to see you life. She would also be able to get serious when needed, being there for when you really needed her. She would giggle and smile whenever you kiss her and grab her hand.

Dahyun is Demisexual or gay asf. She seems to be attracted to certain personalities within the group, especially having a soft spot for sana. So she could be gay or just attracted to personality completely, leaning towards girls more.



Chaeyoung would constantly give you back hugs and rest her head on your back since she is so short. She would always have an arm or her arms around you. She would take cute pictures of you together and get shy sometimes when you compliment her. She would always remind you of how great you are and how special you are to her. She sleeps the most in twice so she would frequently take naps with you and sleep forever cuddling.

Chaeyoung is definitely gay. Her hair cut that turned her into a lesbian heart throb (and even she knows it) is so skdmdk. She looks at girls in a whole different way than boys. Looking at the in awe almost. This girl is gay



Tzuyu would be the type of girlfriend who is independent and has a lot of confidence. She would frequently respond to compliments with "I know". She'd be very blunt and honest, not afraid to share her opinions and views on things.

I personally describe Tzuyu as Tzuyu sexual. Kinda as a joke because of when she talks about loving herself or being pretty which is adorable. I honestly think though that Tzuyu could be asexual or gay/bi and just under affectionate. Of course she interacts with the members and stuff and she is still young so she may not show clear signs of what she likes, but that's how I see it as.



Mina as a girlfriend would be a soft, gentle one giving tender love and care. She would give gentle hugs and kisses and not be rough. She would cutely feed you food and smile at you a lot. Her soft aura and kind heart would show as she would help you through whatever situation you needed her support on. To make you smile she'd make hand hearts at you all the time.

Mina is definitely gay. Even though sometimes it may not seem like it you can definitely tell she is, she's just more shy about it. She has the obvious attraction and you can tell she takes a liking to females. She's just shy in general about things and is softer about it



Jeongyeon as a girlfriend would be chill and laid back, but also fun and exciting. She would seems calm in public with you, just holding your hand and occasionally kissing your cheek. But in other areas she would be all over you, holding and cuddling you, kissing you all over. She would be the type to tease you a lot as well, messing around by jolting back when she goes into kiss you, whispering things, making fun of stuff you do or say. She would be fun to be around and make you smile

Jeongyeon is definitely gay. She doesn't mind when she's called the little brother and is affectionate with the girls, pushing them against walls and things as well ;) she is definitely gay you can see it in her face and actions. There is not doubt on this one



Sana would be the most affectionate girlfriend you'll ever meet. She would kiss you and hug you all the time giving you all her love. She would be soft and sweet with you, taking care of you. She would encourage you with anything you're doing. She would make you smile all the time with her adorableness. She would love you unconditionally and let everyone see you're hers

If it isn't obvious, Sana is probably the gayest in twice. She is always kissing the girls and holding them close to her. She looks at them all in a type of way where you know she has attraction, she is hella gay.


That's all for my blog, hope y'all liked it