Is travel insurance compulsory

Have you travelled abroad or are you planning for an international trip soon? If yes, then you must be aware of the importance of buying a Travel Insurance Policy is.

When you are abroad, your insurer can take care of all your expenses that may be due to an emergency crisis. You can lose all your money or get stuck due to delay in flights or can suffer from a medical emergency.

But fret not! In most of these cases, it will be your Travel Insurance Policy that will work. This insurance document will play its role and prevent you from unexpected financial losses. So, it sounds here that a Travel Policy is important but let us know whether it is mandatory?

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for international travel?

There are about 34 countries across the world which have made the Travel Insurance Policy mandatory for tourists. These countries have made it mandatory to prevent tourists land in financial crisis due to a medical emergency, accidents, loss of luggage/passports, liability for property damage or bodily injury. It is because the cost of treatment and living is very high.

A Travel Insurance may not be mandatory for tourists in other countries, but it is always recommended to have one before you explore any foreign country. It has relevance because: