Is Tagalog hard to learn

Tagalog is not an easy language to learn. The main difficulties are these:

1) Grammar is very convoluted, some words are long and it has prefixes, suffixes and infixes which are doubled and tripled. Many things are in passive voice, not in active.i.e. instead of saying Do it, they say "Be it Done by You". You will need to buy many grammar books and just drill yourself all the time.

2) It is not easy to get a good dictionary and when reading and finding a difficult word, you open up a dictionary and the word is not found. It happens again and again. Other people may not even know this word because it is too deep. Therefore, you may hire a tutor who is knowledgeable to help you with vocabulary.

If you study some 2 hours a day ( and you will need to study grammar very seriously) and have a tutor to help you with all this, six months will allow you to speak fairly well.

Buy grammar books, phrase books ( for travelers), then various novels and magazines. Read read read. Always have a tutor that you can reach for explanation of difficult points.

I found it a very good exercise when I would design dialogues

in English on daily topics ( conversations in taxis, at hotels, in restaurants) and then have my tutor translate those and we would practice together.

Good luck!