Is Moschino a luxury brand

Moschino is one of the greatest Italian fashion houses and worlds fashion brands. It represents high fashion but it certainly stands out from other luxury brands and that easy to notice.

It all started in 1983 when Franco Moschino left job as Gianni Versace illustrator andcreated brand with his own signature. This fashion label always has been considered as innovative and sometimes eccentric that was enough for success. Franco made himself and his brand worth of attention because of his social awareness campaigns and criticisms of the fashion industry.  After Franco death, creative director become Rossella Jardini and she’s still on that position. She manages to keep Moschino style profile and philosophy, based on pop culture, unchanged for 28 years.

Moschino labels are owned by Moschino SpA Company that’s responsible for brands activities and communication. There are three labels of this fashion brand: Moschino- main line for men and women; Moschino Cheap and Chic– secondary women’s line, launche in 1988; Love Moschino– women’s and men’s Moschino Jeans line from 1986, changed in 2008. Besides fashion this brand is leading as fragrance label with its twelve perfumes.

Few of their fragrances of Cheap & Chic line are inspired by Olivia, girl of Popeye the Sailor, and she is exactly the best representing for Moschino. Everything this brand create it suites her personality the best, of course if she dress something different from her regular red and black combination. It’s all about girlish, flaunting but still provocative look.

It’s a same thing with their brand identity and advertising. Exactly that makes them recognizable and different from the other high fashion brand. We would always separate something that’s Moschino from the others luxury labels that pretty much looks all the same when you compare them to this Italian brand. Moschino logo design is simple, pure bold letters with full name of brand, a color is changing depending of needs- gold, black, red- and there’s often a heart that appears on perfume pack, bags shape design or clothes print. Through their branding their trying to tell us to be fashionable, but never fashion victim. Fashion is funny, and we all should have a good time.

Moschino unique style always surprises me with its humor, eccentric and magical color pallet, all mixed with provocative attitude. It truly represent all that means to be ‘’fashionable’’. Their collections are playing with material and shapes, but at the end every collection is girl dream- its sophisticate but different, classic but extravagant. There are beautiful candy colors and clothes that reminds us on cotton candy, it’s just ‘’candylicious’’!