Is it okay to watch violent sports

One of the last remaining bastions of vulgar masculinity is the practise of playing and watching sports. Sports games provide misogynistic and bigoted men with a refuge to vent their anger and discuss politically incorrect views without oversight by women or politically sensitive men. The heated atmosphere of sports matches provokes aggression in men and encourages non-compliance and defiance of authority.

Trump often refers to NFL games in his immature tweets, but many realize that this is just a dog whistle to misogynists and racists who congregate at these sports events. Football hooligans across Europe are almost fully comprised of angry white males, looking for a place to vent their anger and pent up aggression. There should be no place in society for this kind of behavior. And to those of you who claim that this is part of human nature, I would simply point you to the many coffee shops, trendy bars and comedy shows such as the John Oliver show, and you will see that there are many males who do not exhibit any of these violent tendencies, except when triggered by Trump supporters and bigoted right wing views.

If feminists thought sports were a problem before, they would be shocked to learn that sports are becoming even more violent and bloodthirsty. Events like the UFC and MMA fighting are the fastest growing sports around the world, and these allow physical violence without safety gloves and actual blood to be shown on TV! This type of thuggish behavior should never be allowed to be seen anywhere on television, and thankfully accredited media outlets like the MSNBC and the BBC would never allow such vulgarity to be shown on any of their platforms.

Every space in society should be inclusive of women and every other victim group; and men (specially white men) should learn to tame their behavior and political views at all times to respect the sensibilities of these groups. When we allow men to congregate in spaces that normalize this behavior, we inevitably end up with right wing extremism. Just as smoking has been banned in many bars across America, violent sports need to be banned too, until the world is a safe space for feminists and people with soft political views, who are frightened by conflict and confrontation.

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Vegan, animal rights activist, LGBTQ+ activist, community organizer and chief editor at the Accredited Times.