Is flavoured hookah tobacco injurious to health

What is Hookah?

Originated in Persia and India, people have used hookahs for centuries.
“A hookah (Seesha) is a single or multi-stemmed instrument for vaporizing and smoking flavored tobacco or cannabis, called shisha, whose vapor or smoke is passed through a water basin—often glass-based—before inhalation.”
~ Wikipedia

In general – Hookahs, which are essentially water pipes, allow people to smoke tobacco in a different way and there are often several flavors available to help make the experience more enjoyable

Is hookah with tobacco is harmful?

Without doubt Hookah with tobacco is very harmful to us. A 60-minute Shisha session, smokers are exposed to 100 to 200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette. For all those who thinks that the water filters the harmful effect actually, it doesn’t it just makes it feel smoother because the temperature is lower and has a higher humidity.

Now the question is if we smoke hookah without tobacco then is it harmful to us?


Is hookah without tobacco is harmful?

Since hookah is considered as a very social activity & many people think that it’s safe to smoke hookah at least the flavored one but actually, it is not safe and does more harm than good. Hookah smoking has its own demon i.e combusted charcoal which carries health risks even when non-tobacco hookah is used.


When charcoal is burned to create the hookah effect, it releases chemicals in the process, namely carbon monoxide (CO) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). In addition to inhaling byproducts of the shisha, waterpipe smokers also inhale fairly large quantities of these combustion-related toxins. It is a hidden health risk associated with hookah smoking, even for non-tobacco hookah.

  • The charcoal used to heat tobacco in the hookah increases the health risks by producing smoke that contains high levels of carbon monoxide, metals, and cancer-causing chemicals.

Smoke from the heat sourceand the carbon monoxide you inhale will still screw up your lungs.

Smoking is smoking, regardless of how we inhale smoke, the lungs aren’t all about it.

 If you do decide to smoke hookah occasionally, know the risks and enjoy the experience.

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