Is deodorant bad for the body

Your underarms are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, they are also a direct link to glands that act to filter toxins and protect your body. For decades, the general public has been applying deodorants full of chemicals, heavy metals, and artificial scents to one of the most important parts of the body!  Soon, glands become clogged, the natural detoxing of the body gets congested, and illness can creep in.  I decided to reach out to health experts in various fields to get their feedback on why deodorant is bad for your health.

Why Deodorant Is Bad For Your Health

Somewhere in the mix society decided that sweating was gross.  However sweating is a natural aspect detoxifying the body.  The thing we all want to avoid is the smell!  However, with the right tools, sweating in small amounts through out the day (without odor) could be the best thing for you.  Using a an underarm detox is also a smart way to prep your body for using a natural deodorant (see recipes at the bottom of the page).

Now before you click off to another site…. hear these professionals out!  They have some words of wisdom that could protect your health!

Dr. Alex Rhoer says “Most deodorants contain aluminum.  Aluminum in antiperspirants has also been linked to several health problems. Researchers have found that some forms of aluminum can cause neurological damage associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Propylene Glycol is another commonly used ingredient in antiperspirants and deodorants. Propylene Glycol is also commonly used as an ingredient in antifreeze. This chemical enters quickly through the skin.  The EPA has warned factory workers to avoid skin contact in order to prevent brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.

There are plenty of deodorants out there that don’t contain harmful ingredients and get the job done naturally. Do your research.”

How it physically affects your body…. 

While knowing the dangers are important….  many people are visual.  I thought I’d throw in some impactful images to helps get the message across.

Signs You’re Detoxing ….


The dreaded YELLOW arm pit stains.  Everyone has those white t-shirts that they’ve become accustomed to stain treating and eventually replacing.  What if I told you, those yellow stains could be reduced and eventually stopped?

What causes them?  Aluminum.  This is the bodies way of filtering out the aluminum in the deodorant.  It’s not oil and It’s not dirt (unless you working in the dirt).

The good news is that you are detoxing, the bad news is that you have aluminum in your glands.

Discolorations in your underarms

There are several products on the market to help remove discoloration in the under arms.  However, very few of them treat the root cause.  If you have this, take it as a warning sign.

1.) Bacteria could be building.  Discoloration can sometimes mean bacteria growth.

2.) Deodorant is blocking and plugging the glands and cells in the underarms.  Bacteria grows and discoloration begins to show.

Solution… Detox your underarms and immediately switch to aluminum free deodorants.  If you don’t you could have worse issues pop up… hence the next issue.


Bumps / Growths in the Armpits


WARNING!  If this is you don’t ignore it!  This could be a sign that your body can no longer protect you from the heavy metal in deodorants.   This is inflamation of the gland, blockage of the gland, and a blockage in your system.  The lymph system runs in a loop filtering out toxins to keep healthy and free of disease.  Adding a block to the path is like adding a damn to a river.   The flow stops, filtering stops, and toxins begin to build.

Too  many toxins = disease or DIS EASE in the system.   It’s also been linked to cases of cancer (in particular, breast cancer).  Stopping it now has the potential to save your life!


Take action!

There are TONS of natural deodorants on the market.  Some are good and some are bad but only you can decide which ones work the best for you and your body chemistry.  Now that you know why deodorant is bad for your health; use these fitness tips to make the switch!

Fitness Tips 1:  To increase the effectiveness of natural deodorants do a natural detox 1-2 week before making the switch.   Mix up a batch of our underarm detox mask .. apply it at night and wash off with a wash cloth before retiring for the night.  This formula will help to pull toxins out of the system.


Fitness Tip 2 

Test your natural deodorants on the weekend when you have time to evaluate how well they work!

Fitness Tip 3 

Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins, spices, garlic, and onions that could be in your food.  They will come out in body odor.

Fitness Tip 4 

Remember that certain fabric cause more perspiration.  Any type of polyester is sure to turn up the heat.  It’s also known NOT to be a breathable fabric.  Stick to Cotton for best results.

Fitness Tip 5 

In the first couple of weeks carry a back up deodorant in your bag.  Just in case you have extra detoxing or perspiration that day.  This will level out over time.



You’re hearing it here first!   After tons of natural deodorants, I wasn’t completely happy with all of the results.   Although many came close, nothing solved all of the issues I was tackling at once.  Almost 2 years ago, I began to test my own recipes.  Almost 50 formulas later, I have finalized my product!   The new deodorant is almost ready!


Everyday Essence 

Natural Deodorant 

 Our first scent is unisex.  Lemon Grass!

Get Started On Your Natural Detox Now! 



If you have your own tips on how to protect your health or why deodorant is bad for your health.  Clue add them in the comments section.  After our staff approves them, we will be happy to post them!



To dive in even deeper Sydney Ziverts of points out that certain prevalent chemicals found in many deodorants are linked to further danger.


  • Possibly linked to breast cancer, parabens are commonly found in antiperspirants due to their preservation properties.
  • A small study found traces of parabens in some samples of breast cancer tumors, but there’s no significant evidence that the connection between parabens and breast cancer is definite.
  • Sometimes parabens can act as estrogen in the body, which ultimately can cause hormonal imbalances.


  • The FDA classifies triclosan as a pesticide. It’s used to kill bacteria in the manufacturing process, however, it ends up killing both good and bacteria on the body.

Artificial Dyes

  • Synthetic and artificial colors sometimes used in deodorant are known for causing an array of ill health effects. Artificial dyes may cause allergy-like reactions, ADHD in children, and some dyes have even been linked to neuron damage and cancer.
  • For example, D&C Red 33 is a dye derived from coal tar or petroleum. Coal tar dyes are known human carcinogens.

Dr. Gabrielle Francis who’s been practicing medicine for over 30 years makes some clear, no nonsense fit tips.

Antiperspirants also prevent sweating, which is one way the body eliminates toxins. It is not a good idea to stop toxins from being released near the breast tissue.. Use organic and natural deodorants that are free from aluminum. Essential oils can also work well as natural deodorants.

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