In what sound is measured

How Sound can be measured

Sound is basically a vibration that touches your ear and makes your ear vibrate so you can hear the sound. Something like a musical instrument or someone tapping their knees makes the air around the object vibrate and the air around the object that is now vibrating keeps going until it runs out of energy, if someone's ear where in the way of the vibration it would vibrate the persons ear so that the person could hear the sound. Sound is measured in frequency the quicker the frequency the higher the note or noise.

Sound can be measured in many ways such as decibels (unit of sound) there is a special machine which you can by that measures how many decibels something makes. A pin makes 10 decibels where as a loud persons personal stereo can make up to 80 decibel's. Frequency is also a good way of measuring sound because even without hearing the sound you can know whether or not it is a high or low note. If the frequency is very fast then there is a high note but if the frequency is very slow then there is a low note.