How well trained are Israeli soldiers

Well trained Special Forces are usually military units that are trained to perform insecure and unconventional missions to secure a nations military, economic and political purpose. Interestingly, the set up of these Special Forces goes back to the twentieth century. Even though there are a number of well trained Special Forces across the globe, it is extremely difficult to rank them easily. Throughout the globe most country has trained Special Forces and each of them trains the soldiers to be really good. Here’s a list of top 10 most well trained Special Forces on earth.


  • 10. MARCOS, India
  • 9. GIS, Italy
  • 8. EKO Cobra, Austria
  • 7. GIGN, France
  • 6. SSG, Pakistan
  • 5. JW GROM, Poland
  • 4. GSG 9, Germany
  • 3. The Delta Force, US
  • 2. The Navy SEALs, US
  • 1. SAS, United Kingdom

10. MARCOS, India

The Marine Commando Force or MARCOS is the operation unit of Indian Navy. This was created with the purpose of conducting certain special operations like hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, special renaissance, personal recovery, asymmetric warfare, direct action, unconventional warfare, counter proliferation and more. Unlike other special trained forces, the MARCOS is trained to conduct operations in maritime environment.

9. GIS, Italy

The GIS is another exceptionally well trained special force on earth. It is a tactical unit to counter terrorism within the Italian military force. This was established by the Italian Police in the year 1978 in order to fight against growing terrorism. The unit is famous for its superb marksmanship across the globe. Presently, the GIS with hundred well trained soldiers are on an anti-terrorism mission.

8. EKO Cobra, Austria

EKO Cobra is Austria’s main counter terrorism special operation tactical unit. This unit was formed in the year 1978 after the Israeli athletes attack on the Munich Olympics 1972. These special armed forces are trained in counter terrorism. Interestingly, this is the ideal military unit which maintains a really low profile in the global scenario. Apart from this, it is the only special force which has been able to end hijacking while still on air.

7. GIGN, France

The GIGN is another well trained military operations group of the Armed Forces in France. They are specially trained to carry out hostage rescue missions as well as counter terrorism missions within France or elsewhere across the globe. The main aim of these armed forces is to prepare for the future responses against attacks. In 1973, the GIGN went on to become strong team of men to respond to various types of threats.

6. SSG, Pakistan

The Special Services Group or SSG is the special force of the Pakistan Army. This is quite similar like the US Army Special Force and UK based SAS. The SSG was formed way back in the year 1956. SSG includes well- trained soldiers to carry out several missions including counter-terrorism, special operations, asymmetric warfare, direct action, personal recovery, hostage rescue, foreign-internal defense and more. In the recent time, SSG has become active in anti terrorism mission with Afghanistan as well as fighting Islamic extremism within the Pakistan cities.

5. JW GROM, Poland

The JW GROM is Poland’s counter terrorism unit. This unit was formed in the year 1990 on July 30. GROM is also among the five special unit of the Poland Armed Force. The unit is outstandingly well trained to fight terrorism as well as to deal with unconventional warfare.

4. GSG 9, Germany

It is a German well trained special force of the Federal Police of Germany. This military unit was established in the year 1973. The special trained forces are usually deployed in various cases of kidnapping, hostage taking, extortion, terrorism and more. This unit is also very active in tracking down the fugitives and also in conducting sniper operations. They are also capable of developing tactics and testing methods for their missions.

3. The Delta Force, US

The Delta Force was approved in the year 1997 after a lot of terrorist incidents in the USA. It is by far the best and the most secret force in USA. This unit has been formed after the British Army’s SAS. Their main tasks include counter-terrorism, direct action, national intervention operation etc. it is one the most versatile groups capable of conducting various difficult missions.

2. The Navy SEALs, US

The Navy SEALs are another important special force of US. The SEALs are generally the male soldiers of US Navy as well as one most efficient Warfare Combatants. Both CIA and SOG recruit members from SEAL . In fact, both Navy SEAL and CIA have conducted several missions together and the most recent of such mission is the hunting as well as killing down Osama Bin Laden.

1. SAS, United Kingdom

The Special Air Service or SAS is no doubt the ideal Special Force in UK. It was established during Second World War in the year 1941. SAS currently consists of two territorial regiments and one regular regiment. The main tasks include special operations during wartime and counter terrorism during peace. The regular army gained fame during the rescue of hostages during Iranian Embassy siege in 1980.

Here are the top 10 most well trained Special Forces on earth you need to know about.