How much anime do you watch

On average, what would you guess? (using your watch history on MAL should help out).

For myself, it varies on if I have a busy week or not, and if I am watching anything along with the seasons shows.

If I have a busy week or am not watching anything besides currently airing shows, I usually will only watch about 10 - 15 episodes. (basically just the episodes of shows I am caught up with and am following closely).

Otherwise, I usually watch anywhere from 20-35 episodes on average. The lower end of the spectrum comes from when I watch a show I don't want to binge watch and I want to take my time with (Anohana and Cowboy Bebop coming to mind). For those types of shows, I will usually only watch 1 or to episodes in a day, and try to space out the time between each episode so I can think about it and "let it digest". If I am watching something like Black Bullet, Psycho-Pass, or Kill la Kill (which I am currently wacthing) I can blow through 5 episodes in a mourning easy, and in the case of Black Bullet I can finish the entire season in a day. Sometimes, I an even watch 60+ episodes in a week if I find a few good series to watch (happened when I was watching FMA and Psycho-Pass at the same time, along with the Winter shows starting up)

Going from the last 3 weeks though, somewhere between 20-30 episodes seems to be my average, which sounds about right to me.