How many songs did Michael Jackson make

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    Practice on a smooth floor. Michael Jackson couldn’t have done his famous spin on the wrong type of flooring. Some floors can be dangerous to spin on and promote injury. For example, a carpeted floor would not be easy to spin on, and it could aid injury. Outside environments, like the grass and sidewalk would not work well either. A smooth, concrete floor, linoleum floor, and wooden floors would be possible to spin on. The type of floor in a dance studio is ideal.[4]

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    Start by facing front. Begin by facing the front of whatever room you are in. Stand with your back straight. Put your left hand on your stomach, right arm at your side, and right foot about six inches behind your left. This is the stance you will begin with.[5]
    • Stand with your left foot back and right foot front if you want to spin in the opposite direction.
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    Kick your right foot to the front. Bring your right foot quickly to your left in a slight kicking motion. The foot should land on the left side of your left foot. Your legs will be crossed. Your left foot will be flat on the ground, and the right foot will be in demi-pointe.[6]
    • Demi-pointe means rising up onto the ball of your foot. Your heel should be off of the ground in this position.
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    Bring your right arm over your left arm. Begin turning your right shoulder to the left side of the room. When your body is no longer facing front, cross your arms over your body. Crossing your arms will help you spin.[7]

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    Spin on the ball of your left foot. When you begin to spin, left your left heel off of the ground slightly. You don’t have to lift it very high off of the ground. Only lift it enough so that the weight is on the ball of your left foot. On your right foot, lift your toes off of the ground. Your weight should be on your heel.[8]
    • Your right heel should be off of the ground if you’re spinning in the opposite direction.
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    Use force to help you spin. Practice the spin a few times very slowly to get the motions down. Once you understand the mechanics of the spin, you will need to use force to help you spin quickly. Gather the momentum for your spin by using force when you kick your right leg forward and cross it over your left leg. Moving your right shoulder to the left will help with the momentum of the spin as well.[9]

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    Finish by separating your feet. Once you start to lose balance or turn quickly, uncross and separate your feet. If you are having trouble stopping, stomp your right foot on the ground for a firm stop. Don’t keep your legs crossed when you are finished spinning because you could easily lose balance.[10]

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    Watch yourself in the mirror. It might be difficult to watch yourself while initially learning the spin, but watch yourself once you have learned the basic motion. Watching yourself in the mirror is the best way to see what you’re doing wrong and right. Record yourself while practicing with a smartphone, camera, or video recorder to get a better look at yourself later.