How many diaper bags have you bought

Really? I'm minimal then, I guess. My son is almost 5 months old. The most I ever take is one small bag, and sometimes not even one - I'll just stick what I need in my purse. At the very most I will bring along my own purse as well as a small baby bag. But generally I am able to fit what I need in my purse: three diapers, a cloth, a toy, sometimes an extra little outfit. My purse isn't that big either but I manage to fit it all in there just fine. If I'm going out for a long time I will bring along the small baby bag and stash some extra diapers and stuff.

I breastfeed him so there's no need to haul bottles and formula all over the place. He eats rice cereal now, but I don't feed that to him while we're out, he only eats that at home before or after we go out. If he has a messy diaper, I'll grab some toilet paper or paper towels and run it under some water to use instead of wipes. Just be resourceful.

Seriously I sometimes just leave the house with a diaper stashed in my purse and that's it. He doesn't need all that extra crap. Do women in other countries haul six diaper bags around all day long and push gigantic strollers loaded with stuff? No, they put their baby in a little sling and away they go. Less is more.