How many Acura NSX were made

You are correct when you say that the high price that the Gen 2 NSX was selling for when introduced did not make it desirable compared to its competition. However, this problem was not really Acura’s. The problem was created by greedy dealerships and speculators. Most of the Gen 2 NSX’s that arrived in showrooms throughout the US from 2016 to 2018 were fully loaded models, that included ceramic brakes and external and internal carbon parts options, resulting pricing of over $200,000. As a result, sales were far less than what Acura had hoped for. However, if you could find a Gen 2 NSX without these options, particularly the carbon fiber ones, the MSRP would be around $157,800. Now, that is still a lot of money and thousands of dollars greater than most the Road & Track listed completion, but on the other hand the Gen 2 NSX is thousands of dollars lower that the exotics of the world, i.e., the Lamborghini Huracan and Adventador, the McLaren 570S and the Ferrari 488 Pista, which the Gen 2 NSX nearly equals, equals and in some instances outperforms. So, when you compare the Gen 2 NSX with the big boys, it holds its own very well. Unfortunately, as stated above, if you put a Gen 2 NSX, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini in front of ten people, most of them would pick the stallion or the bull, except perhaps an engineer or a former/current NSX owner!