How fast is 2 6 GHz

Hi Ivan

This is not a clear choice getting a bigger processor, one is old technology and the other is new technology, they will not fit into the same motherboard for a start.

any processor over 3.0ghz will be old technology and single core, because they where unable to break the 3.6ghz barrier the feeling was to go with dual core processors, hence the first models with new motherboards where 1.8ghz dual core.

the published speed was as a 3.6ghz processor 1.8ghz x2 = 3.6ghz.

the same is true for the quad core processors 1.8ghz x4 = 7.2 ghz.

and the mother boards have now progressed along with the processor very few if any have a Pata drive installed it's all SATA so there is another issue. and usb3 technology as well.

So much has changed in such a short space of time the memory and memory types have taken a leap forward and we are about to take an even bigger jump in a direction never thought possible.

A new memory which is an old idea is waiting in the wings of this stage it will make the current ideas look really old HAT.

So hold on it's about to be a very bumpy ride in the next Two years...

Source(s): Having been with this game since the mid 1980's when we had the old style 8 bit processors with just 8 interupts. 8080 processor to the state of play now intel has a 8 core running at approx 2.5ghz so it's fast and currently for a server application but it will be weeks rather than month before a gamer is using it and suspect someone already is.