How does Tatkal in IRCTC work

Tatkal Made Easy now works with the NEW IRCTC website. Please install the Extension to proceed further.

Tatkal Made Easy now works with the NEW IRCTC website. Please fill the details and proceed with booking.

IRCTC Captcha issue is fixed. Please Update extension. click Here to know how to update extension. If unable to update, Please remove and install it again.

We do not store any information provided by you in our servers. All the data is stored in User's browser itself

Additional Details

Passenger Details

Mobile & Insurance Details

Booking Preferences (OPTIONAL)

Payment Details

Please Select Payment Mode to Proceed :

Filling of bank details for automation is completely users choice. we never store any data in our servers. We are not at all responsible for any misuse of your banking details.

Please accept terms and conditions.

Children Below 5 Years

Steps for succesfull ticket booking

Install Extension

  • Install the Tatkal Made Easy extension by clicking on the Install extension button.
  • Make sure you have latest version of the extension installed so that changes made in Irctc website is also updated in the extension.
  • Website will automatically reload once extension is installed. if not, Please reload the page.

Fill in Your Journey details

  • Complete the journey details in the form displayed in our website. Make sure the journey details provided are correct so that you won't face any issue during ticket booking.
  • its not mandatory to provide/fill all the details. You can manually fill the details during ticket booking as well.
  • To click the book now button automatically, make sure you provide below details
    • train number
    • journey date
    • journey quota
    • journey class

Save Details

  • click the save button once the details are entered.
  • Message as "details saved successfully" indicates that you can open irctc website.
  • if you cannot see the message, try again or relaod the page and try again.
  • you can also directly click open irctc button to save details and redirect to irctc website


  • Once all the details are saved successfully, open the irctc website in a new window or in the same window.
  • If you have filled complete details in form, enter the captcha where ever required
  • if only partial details are filled in form, make sure you complete the remaining details and enter the captcha.